Returning: Wilfred

2013-08-25_0017Season Three of Wilfred (US) begins on ELEVEN soon. This premiered in the US in June.

Unless I am mistaken, Wilfred is the only Australian format to proceed to a third season as a US adaptation. Not bad for a Tropfest short!

In the season premiere, Ryan and Wilfred search for Wilfred’s original owner.

10:30pm Sunday 8th September ELEVEN.


  1. @pertinax – yes, I agree, I prefer the US version, I guess Jason Gann had a chance to develop the character further being its third incarnation. I love the madness of the show and the theme of mateship and the constant uncertainty of what is real. Elijah Wood plays his straight man part so well and with such pathos (and I will always find it endlessly amusing to watch Frodo smoking a bong). The guest stars in the series are fantastic and it’s always a surprise to see who turns up on the show.

  2. The US show is well written with a funny plot based around the episode’s theme, making excellent use of the characters and usually with a good twist thrown in. They make great use of Gann’s performance of canine mannerisms and behaviour to make the whole idea work.

    They are also always cleverly playing with the idea of what is real, what is drug induced hallucination, what it psychosis and what is supernatural.

    Compared to most recent sitcoms e.g. Get On! which took no risks and was totally unfunny, Two Broke Girls which is just dumb and racist or Middle Class Bogan which is badly written and based on the same old class stereotypes and gingerism — Wilfred is brilliant.

    But comedy is subjective.

  3. @APM: humour is divisive. Not everyone enjoys the same thing. Wilfred is definitely “dark humour” which would not be everyone’s cup of tea. Each to their own.

    I don’t know how anyone can stand to watch hours upon hours of reality TV after all.

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