Seven says axing Australia’s Got Talent was the right decision

S3_Groups_2359There’s been a bit of ye olde network rock-throwing this week between Nine and Seven over their talent shows.

On the weekend Nine’s Michael Healy remarked that Seven counter-programmed X Factor after Nine had declared its hand on a Sunday slot for Australia’s Got Talent.

“I think it’s a shame Seven has made the decision to schedule their show against ours. Two great entertainment shows against one another. “They did that after they knew we were scheduling it in the slot. It’s probably not one of the greatest decisions they have ever made,” he told News Corp Australia.

But Seven’s head of production Brad Lyons told the Daily Telegraph, “We thought long and hard before we passed on AGT – last night’s results prove we made the right decision.”

Those results saw X Factor finish in front of AGT by some 300,000 in preliminary figures.

Both sides would well remember AGT getting whipped by The Voice last year, but while AGT had some good acts it’s probably fair to say singing shows come out in front of the broader entertainment shows.

Both sides (effectively) went to war over Mel B, so there’s a bit of bragging rights at stake here.

In the middle of it all is FremantleMedia which has produced both shows, and from where I sit, done a pretty good job on both this year.


  1. There are many posters here that continually bag either Nine or Seven, so are obviously working for the networks. Be very interesting David for you to have a look privately and sort comments by username.

    Only you would be privy to those results, but I reckon it would be interesting.

  2. never really been a big fan of these talent shows, 2 weeks after the shows finish you don’t really hear about the winners again! ok so they normally do a Christmas show and that’s it, I’m that girl that one x factor a year ago just released her second single lastweek. it’s probably safe to say the shows make more $ than the winning contestants.

  3. I honestly think it is all Kyle and Brians fault for the ratings flop last year!! But House Rules was a good alternative. I don’t like AGT at all with Kyle on it!!! I really love Dawn but I am very anti Kyle!!!

  4. @deedeedragons NIne Nine Nine Nine…So what I like Nine. I just stress my own opinions. I don’t expect everyone to agree as I don’t always agree with the opinions of others.
    On the topic of AGT I stand by my opinion that this was the best locally produced talent. X Factor is a great show & so was The Voice. I wast just blown away how good AGT was…Sorry to all the haters there.

  5. I loved AGT – the production values were right up there – and there wasn’t Grant Denyer anywhere! The highlight for me was the dancer from Byron Bay; hilarious!

  6. I think there’s a context to this. Seven has many ratings hits at the moment and can probably afford to dump a program rating around 1m viewers. Nine doesn’t have a lot of big hits and would be happy with those numbers. Last year aside, this show used to rate close to 2m each week so there is potential.

  7. Channel 7 was right to drop AGT. With MKR and The X Factor, the only place 7 could screen AGT would be up against The Voice, and they were much better off with House Rules doing that.

    Channel 9 was right to pick up AGT they don’t have a lot of depth in their schedule and needed another show. Seven will take some viewers away from AGT but they will have to show episodes of The X Factor up against it to do so and get less ratings for those eps than they otherwise could have. But Seven can afford that.

  8. I actually did not like the AGT production. The lighting on the judges was all wrong. A lot of Timomatic comments and actions were ripped off straight from Brian McFaddin. Kyle needs to lose the new nice guy image and Geri was totally fake. Dawn was the only judge I thought was real. They did have a few good acts which kept a bit of interest but this show has had its day. With the high costs, this show need to do a minimum of 1.3 million. Also the Judges lacked chemistry although this may yet come.

  9. Gee, do Nine hire people to post comments here? They have already got Ninemsn to throw mud at their competitors.
    Anyway, the current AGT logo looks so 80s, and they have got too many judges. The show is just not value for money.

  10. I can’t imagine why anyone would fight over Mel B – I can’t stand either her voice or her accent (hard to understand).

    But then what would I know – I don’t watch any of the talent shows, except perhaps a grand final.

  11. We can talk about which show is better all day but the show content has never been the issue. It was the production and licence cost. We may never know the details of how much money either network sunk into the show but it’s pretty clear that AGT is a very expensive show, it needs to rate higher than a TBBT or border security repeat to stay on air.

  12. Maxxdude I disagree. I think the casting was all wrong. Dawn was a good choice as was Geri but Timomatic was an uninspired choice and they should have replaced Kyle and Julia isn’t a good fit.
    Props to Fremantle for updating the sets and look of the show overall but I can’t see the show doing any better than what we saw last Sunday. The X Factor is truly a world class production.

  13. I actually think Seven are right. Initially i did think wtf are you doing Seven? but you can spend a lot less these days in making 1m viewers. Personally i don’t like this years AGT. They took a backward step with reverting to the old logo and i Geri is the only judge that is good on the show. Julia i can’t stand either. Time will tell when and if X Factor moves to Monday/Tuesday for the live shows but now i think about it to spend so much money on a franchise for 1m viewers? X Factor is a much better show and the talent on there this year i think is some of the best talent we have had on talent shows in a very long time. Nine has become the leftover network if you ask me.

  14. They say that now… But a few weeks down the track.. They’ll take it back.
    Its your loss 7, and 9’s gain!!
    Its gonna do a House Rules and increase week by week 😛

    9 deserve a win

  15. I can’t believe how good AGT is this year. I love being surprised by something when I come in with low expectations.
    I expect the word of mouth to increase viewers this week.
    I actually am glad that AGT got Geri instead of Mel. I think she & Dawn are fantastic. Timomatic is good & I can even tolerate Kyle. No mean feat.
    David do you know if X Factor will stay on Sunday for performances or will they be on Mondays?

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