The wonder of the other Tim Ross

2013-08-15_0100When Tim Ross was announced as part of the cast of Wonderland media got a bit confused.

Some thought it was radio funny man Tim Ross. Another confused him with his co-star Michael Dorman.

But the 28 year old actor, who plays Steve Beaumont, admits he’s been mistaken for the “other” Tim Ross before.

“Rosso was doing his show last year on MIX and they flew me up from Melbourne and he basically told me to change my name,” he told TV Tonight.

Ross declined.

Next week he appears in his first major TV role as one of the sexy young residents of Wonderland on TEN.

As he explains the premise, he can’t help but blur the lines between character and self.

“Steve Beaumont is a newlywed and the first episode is Steve and Dani’s wedding which doesn’t go too well because of Tom, my best mate,” he says.

“Steve is a financial advisor who is very organised. Dani on the other hand is a big-spender who loves a splurge. So I kind of create a financial plan to follow but she’s not too keen on that.

“We’re sort of like the Mad About You couple. We have a lot of funny banter. They’re just in that happy phase of life because they’re newly-married and it’s the first time they’ve lived together.”

Dani is played by Jessica Tovey while Michael Dorman plays Tom Wilcox.

“Dani and Tom actually dated before we got together. Tom and I are best mates, so it’s a little bit awkward. But now my sister Miranda is moving to town, played by Anna Bamford. We grew up in Toowoomba, Queensland, and her and Tom are the perfect match.

“But I know what he’s like with women, and so I don’t want him to go near her. So we have a bet that if he sleeps with a housemate in the next 12 months then I get his car. It’s a 1956 Ford, so it’s a prize possession.”

The 22 part series from FremantleMedia is part of TEN’s major drama push in the second half of the year, also including Puberty Blues and Secrets and Lies.

Ross is originally from Adelaide but moved to Melbourne to study at VCA, where he has lived for 9 years, largely working in theatre. But the beachside scenes of Wonderland are quickly working their charms on him.

“It’s a lot more beachy than Melbourne and I’m very quickly falling in love. They’re completely different cities. Melbourne feels like home to me but I could very easily move here,” he says.

“They do the weather better here, without a doubt.”

Ross has previously had guest roles on Neighbours, Rush and Underbelly but this is his first major TV role.

“This is my first big one. It took a long time to sink in that it was actually happening. It was very surreal for the first couple of months. Being a part of creating a new show is indescribable. We all get along so well. They really couldn’t have cast it any better, we just click.”

Some have likened the series to the hit drama The Secret Life of Us, but Ross says the analogy may be misplaced.

“We do get that comparison quite a bit. I didn’t see a whole lot of (Secret Life), but from what I gather it was people living the same building. I don’t know that it had that much comedy in it though,” he says.

“This probably has more lighter moments.

“We had a screening of the first ep and everybody is very happy. It’s exciting. It will be one of those shows that will draw people in because it’s relatable to everyday life.

“Everytime has been in these situations, so I think that’s the best thing about it.”

Wonderland premieres 8:30pm Wednesday on TEN.


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