Update on Suits, Covert Affairs, Parks and Recreation.

suits-season-2-usaA number of readers have been asking about a return on Seven for Suits, Covert Affairs, Parks and Recreation.

There’s no confirmed dates for any of these, but I’m hearing Suits is expected in October.

Of course 30 Rock resumes Monday Sept 9th at 11:30pm for its final season.

SBS 2 is also playing older eps of Parks and Recreation at 7pm weeknights.

That is all!


  1. Seven are repeating the first season of Scandal at Noon on Fridays and promoting new episodes during it for later in the year.

    I watched them last night. It was OK although there is no chemistry between Oliva and the President. That was really badly handled and unconvincing.

    Seven have screened Royal Pains late at night and at lunchtime and could put it on 72. But its been so long since they showed any eps they may have dropped it.

    TV1 seem only interested in endlessly repeating the series they have already bought, and of course won’t be buying anymore.

  2. In past years Seven have shown the first half of the Covert Affairs season in a mix of single and double episodes at 9:30pm Wednesday around this time, where it has done OK. Last year they put the second block on in Nov/Dec as well.

    Guess they figure the Criminal Minds doubles are doing OK for the moment.

    They could do the 30 Rock/Suits double again late on Monday nights. Or Suits could replace Fairly Legal on Sunday nights. They will have some plans for it because they repeated the old eps on secondary channel recently.

  3. From my memory channel seven has usually started airing covert affairs by now via a series of double episodes on a Wednesday. It had a good ending last year and would like to see it return soon.

  4. Suits – I see that season 3 episode 7 has just been shown in the US.
    Covert Affairs – they’re up to season 4 episode 7.
    Parks & Rec – season 5, 22 episodes already shown, season 6 starts 26th September.
    Why would anyone bother with channel 7 these days? Just a joke.

  5. A friend of mine in Toronto commented on Facebook this morning that Suits was filming out the front of her apartment building today. She got to see a couple of the stars.

  6. carolemorrissey

    Thanks David, that’s great news about Suits, hopefully Covert Affairs won’t be too far behind it. From memory, Covert Affairs aired last year around Christmas time or just before it.

  7. Thanks David for keeping us up to date! With reference to Suits and Covert Affairs, the closure of TV1 at the end of the year is going to really effect them as TV1 usually purchases USA Network programs once they finish on Seven, and now Seven won’t have any pressure to screen the series (e.g. purchase the rights and screen it before TV1 do) which will likely delay them further from their original U.S. premiere. Here’s hoping the TV1-replacement has some tie to NBCUniversal to keep the pressure on.

  8. 11:30pm is such a wasted timeslot for 30 Rock. I think I’ll just wait til it’s out on DVD…wouldn’t want to interrupt the 22 hours of news for a decent comedy.

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