X Factor 2013: Top 12

Third D3The X Factor has settled on its Top 12 acts for its fifth season.

Show favourites such as Jai Waetford, Cat Vass and Taylor Henderson made it through, while it was good to see Dami Im make the cut. Lucky for her the judges changed the rules from Over 25s to Over 24s last week or she would have been with the solo females and possibly lucked out.

It was a shame to see Vendulka miss out for the second year in a row, and teen act Straight Up was also cut.

Some judges such as Ronan Keating kept wondering if their acts were ready for the big time, but when the minimum age is already 14 how prepared are they expected to be? On The Voice Kids 14 will be the upper limit and they will be as young as 8 years old.

Here are the Top 12 for 2013:

Under 24 Males – Mentored By Ronan Keating
Jai Waetford, 14, Sydney
Omar Dean, 20, Melbourne
Taylor Henderson, 20, Geelong

Under 24 Females – Mentored By Redfoo
Ellie Lovegrove, 19, Adelaide
Jiordan Tolli, 19, Melbourne
Joelle, 22, Sydney

Over 24’s – Mentored By Dannii Minogue
Barry Southgate, 30, Sydney
Cat Vas, 27, Sydney
Dami Im, 24,

Brisbane Groups – Mentored By Nat Bass
Evelyn, 19, Sydney
Kia, 17, Sydney
Naomie, 19, Sydney
Temy, 17, Sydney

JTR John, 23/Tom, 20/Robin 19, Brisbane

Third D3gree (pictured)
Kelebek, 18, Albury
Jacinta Gulisano, 19, Sydney
Jordan Rodrigues, 18, Melbourne

Seven’s Live shows begin 6:30 Sunday with the first to be cut as early as Monday.


  1. I’m still fuming Redfoo didn’t put Vendulka and Riv in the top 3. Anyone with fully functioning ears can hear that Joelle can barely hit high notes without straining. And Ellie is just dull.

    Aside from his first audition, Jai’s vocals have been weak and weedy. Either Georgie or Mitchell totally deserved his spot in the top 3.

    JTR, Jordan, Dami and Taylor are the only acts I care about in the top 12.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Was dissapointed Vendulka and Riv didn’t get through in the Girls category..Also T in the boys but I understood why they didnt put him through..

  3. I would have changed my mind if I was Redfoo & I had Joelle sitting there pouting & carrying on like she did. Thought Vendulka would have got in. Maybe she can try The Voice next year.
    Mitchell hasn’t made it on X Factor or The Voice now. I suppose he will go on AGT next.
    Some predictable ones & some surprises like Dami but they must all be grateful the Matt pulled out because I think he would have won the whole thing.
    Looks like Sunday nights will be spent watching AGT & surfing over to X Factor in ad breaks with a splash of MasterChef to see how they are going.

  4. I’m so annoyed that Straight Up (and Vendulka for that matter) didn’t make it! Nat Bass is the worst part of the X Factor. Year after year she makes awful decisions.

    Starting to warm to Third Degree. Although having their name stylised as “Third D3gree” is stupid.

    The promo at the end of last nights episode for the live shows looked great though. Loved seeing everyone done up. Dami Im is a superstar, I hope she goes far!

  5. I reckon Redfoo did well selecting his top 3 girls. Jiordan Tolli is a great singer and I prefer Ellie and Joelle over Vendulka and Georgina Mastin.

    I also agree with jezza, nice to see no 14-16 year old Bella or Shiane Hawk type contestants make it through who IMO were too young and consistently stuffed up last year by forgetting lyrics or not enunciating syllables properly.

    Also a shame that Straight Up and Georgie were axed, both enjoyable performers. But overall I like this top 12, good choices

  6. Awesome. Jai is going to sing “classics” week after week for the nanna vote, as he is just _so_ cute. The Temptations “My Girl” will be in there, along with “You Raise Me Up”.

    Can’t wait. Cough.

  7. One of the members of adira-belle is named Adira-Belle? Diva much.

    I think this year the judges made all the right decisions, there have been some shockers at this stage every other year. All 6 of Ronan’s boys were great he had the tough decisions, I was surprised he picked Omar over Mitchell and georgie.

    Does reveal a flaw in the X factor format. Georgie, Mitchell, T and straight up were all stronger than the 3 girls in Redfoos team but didn’t make it because they weren’t competing against each other. The show does not end up with their 12 strongest acts.

  8. Once again not the most talented or the best performers were selected. The groups were all disappointing so any selection wasn’t going to be great. Lets hope they can all step up in the live shows!

  9. Am loving the x factor this year with redfoo and danni. My favourite singers are Adira-belle .these girls are sensational, they can really sing considering they only formed at the auditions .just incredible voices and Dami the most unlikely star.. They are my two favorites. Its a great selection of talent this years .think thats what makes the show so exciting this year. Best show on tv

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