Cameras roll on ABC3’s Wacky World Beaters

Amberley Lobo & William Gill take a global expedition to find the world's ultimate wacky sport for ABC3.

2013-09-04_1312ABC3 has recently begun filming Wacky World Beaters (20 x 30min), which sees ABC3’s Amberley Lobo and Adelaide comedian William Gill on a global expedition to find the world’s ultimate wacky sport.

Produced by activeTV, it will film in more than 10 countries across Europe, the UK and Asia, exploring unique competitions and a diversity of cultures, history and scenery. Filming is already underway in London.

An ABC press release notes: “Taking trains, planes, buses and the occasional tuk tuk to get to their destinations, Amberley and Gilly not only set out to discover the world’s wackiest sport but will also compete in as many of these crazy sports as they can! A pumpkin regatta in Germany, haggis eating in Scotland, air guitar world championships in Finland, bog snorkelling in Wales and gravy wrestling in England are just some of the crazy sports they’ll discover.”

Amanda Peppard, activeTV Executive Producer said, “We are incredibly excited about this original activeTV format which will see us shooting around the world. It will be a whirlwind shoot and we’ll be drawing on our unique experience producing 10 series of The Amazing Race to make it happen.

“Plus, we’re taking two of Australia’s hottest young talents – ABC3’s Amberley Lobo (pictured) and funny guy, Gilly – along for the ride of their lives. But finding the world’s wackiest competition won’t be a relaxing holiday for these guys… they’ll be genuine competitors in an array of crazy championships so they’ll need every ounce of their courage, determination, athleticism and humour they have to win.”

Geoff Cooper, ABC TV Children’s Executive Producer, said: “Wacky World Beaters offers the adventure, amazing locations and awesome hosts our audience expects from ABC3 factual programs. They’ll love the friendly rivalry of Amberley and Gilly as they try to find the competitive edge over each other to win each wacky event.”

It will air in 2014.

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