Crunch time for TEN as local products sink

IMG_0816TEN will be facing some major decisions today.

Its primetime schedule on Wednesday fell apart after 8:30 with Wonderland on just 420,000 viewers and This Week Live on just 194,000. On those kind of Total People numbers both shows should be immediately moved if not axed altogether.

The best TEN could manage was 612,000 for The Bachelor Australia.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Of course we are disappointed with last night’s numbers. Both Wonderland and This Week Live are great shows and we have faith in their potential.

“Last night Wonderland was clearly affected by the finale of Winners & Losers. But the crude overnight audience numbers disguise some solid results for the show.”

In the demos Wonderland is hanging on. It was third in its timeslot for 18-49 year olds and second for 16-39s. But no such joy for This Week Live.

TEN points out that the raw numbers improve with catch-up and consolidated figures -as most dramas do.

But looking across the board at local shows including Wanted, A League of Their Own, Recipe to Riches and Revealed it’s hard to find positive news for TEN right now.

Seven network won the night with a  share of 31.4% then Nine 27.7%, ABC 19.1%, TEN 16.4% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News (1.02m) was best for Seven then Winners and Losers (1.02m), Today Tonight (882,000), Home and Away (868,000), Slideshow (814,000), The Man with the Biggest Testicles (805,000) and Million Dollar Minute (528,000).

Nine News topped the night with 1.04m for Nine then A Current Affair (1.02m), Big Brother (818,000 / 723,000), Arrow (621,000 / 586,000), and Hot Seat (613,000).

ABC News (967,000) won its timeslot for ABC1 then Gruen Planet (908,000), 7:30 (734,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (613,000), Tractor Monkeys (574,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (428,000).

At TEN it was bad news. The Bachelor Australia was 612,000, then The Project (540,000), TEN Eyewitness News (509,000), Wonderland (420,000). Next was The Bold and the Beautiful (399,000), The Simpsons (300,000). This Week Live was just 194,000 -with numbers trailing even Judge Judy.

On SBS ONE it was Miniature Britain (263,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (201,000), World News Australia (164,000) and The Killing (145,000).

Neighbours was best on multichannels at 307,000.

Sunrise: 383,000
Today: 311,000
ABC News Breakfast: 59,000 / 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 25 September 2013


  1. Still think TEN has made a mistake by not going with the new episodes of NCIS and NCIS LA for this coming Tuesday (given they aired in the US Weds Aust time), they really should have positioned Sleepy hollow in another timeslot ahead of this. Even covering the vacant spot of Under The Dome with a repeat of the last 2 episodes of NCIS from last season (as the followed Sleepy Hollow with an NCIS: LA repeat anyway).

    They need to get another of their flagship rating shows on now, they are doing that with Elementary and should do with the other one that rated highly in NCIS.

    Of course they can kind of redeem themselves by starting it on Tuesday Oct 8th and show the 2 part opening episode as one episode.

  2. Wonderland has 2 big problems: the preview ads for the next episode give away the whole episode and then sometimes they are not relevant. Like the “secret that will tear apart Wonderland” – what tearing apart? The other big problem is it is moving too slowly. At least Packed to the Rafters made progress on the storylines, Wonderland just seems like it is in a holding pattern.

  3. Interesting to see that Good New Week averaged 1.15m in the week @kabigon referenced below – 135k more than this week’s ratings for TWL, ALOTO and Wonderland combined. Little wonder it is being revived.

  4. Re: the record posts

    Poor David. It was Ready Steady Cook unless there was something even worse.

    Re: Ten

    I’m not going to make programming suggestions. But I hope whatever changes they make they don’t decide to change all the programming around and make it an unstable place. It would alienate the audience they still have. If I’m allowed I once told the ABC the secret to ultimate viewer trust. I’m going to add a fourth one because the ABC already understood it. So it was pointless to mention. They are:

    1. Good shows
    2. Sensible and reliable start times (with an accurate EPG)
    3. No advertising during the shows (it doesn’t help you especially the nasty kind)
    4. Reliable treatment of shows i.e. same day and time.

    I loved seeing many of the recent promos. Not on Ten until this week however. I wonder for how long.

  5. @TVluva- The reason why no one watches This Week live is because no one knows that it is on. I hardly watch TEN anymore so I don’t see the promos. If TWL had a Xfactor as a lead in and a few promotions during the show it would probably get decent ratings. Brand TEN is on life support. It will be a slow rebuild. One brick at a time.

  6. I remember well David’s post I Heart 10. However like Jezza the first the original one I’m not sure this market can sustain 3 commercial FTAs. David Mott had the fun ride, but timing is everything. That demo is not tuning in at the scheduled time and they never will again – no matter what.

  7. I just dont understand why This Week Live is tanking so badly, it is actually very appealing and entertaining. Looking at just the basics- set, cast and material presented, it works fine for me, shame about the abysmal ratings.

  8. jezza the first original one

    I think the demise of ch10 is more simple… is permanent, they will be a casualty of the digital age.

    The younger demo rarely do tv in the traditional sense and are very good at viewing by other means. They don’t do 10….The folk who bemoan about the state of ch10 and refer to the glory days of 5-10 years ago have just grown apart from the station and are unlikely to return.

    It is said to take 3 months to change a habit or routine for it to become permanent. Viewers have moved away from ch10 for well over a year now…..face the reality, it is permanent…We live in a different age

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