Eyewitness News returns after 2 decades

teney“Good evening and welcome to TEN Eyewitness News” said Mal Walden, pausing ever so-subtly for emphasis.

Eyewitness News has now been re-launched as part of a network news revamp after some 2 decades absence.

For Walden, who retires at the end of the year, it’s no doubt coming full circle given the Eyewitness News brand was first launched in the 1970s.

teney2TEN even featured a news story on its own rebrand.

But the new push for “anytime, anywhere, any device” live streaming doesn’t appear to be ready just yet, with News boss Anthony Flannery promising to “watch this space.”

TEN is also encouraging viewer-submitted footage and weather photos for the Facebook page or broadcast news.

Tonight the Melbourne news service included footage of a skateboarder “risking his life” on an apartment building awning in South Yarra, 3 metres off the ground, and not far from TEN’s own studios.

Police are reviewing the vision.









  1. Ten and Anthony Flannery really failed on this launch. The promos promised that we were about to “witness a change” and that we were “not just going to watch the news, but be a part of it” – “more connected than ever before” and the biggest claim of all: “future of news”.

    And nothing changed! Just some new graphics and a new word in the title.

    No changes in format. No changes in news delivery. None of the expected social media integration. No clever use of graphics, twitter, Facebook, cell phone reports from the “23 million Australians” that the promo touts.

    The “anywhere, anytime” promise also missed. The website is useless. Anytime anywhere suggests I can get all the news content I want on any device at any time of the day. So I should be able to watch Ten News and the stories I want in the order I want on Droid, iphone, ipad, online – at 3am.

    The website is…

  2. It could be to do with their “first at 5” motto when now they are actually last at 5, with 7 and 9 afternoon news starting from early afternoon. I always thought the eyewitness name was very american.

  3. It should also be noted Ten has done this a few times. It did drop the Eyewitness News in the late 80’s for Ten News…..then became Ten Evening News. Then Ten Eyewitness News in the early 90’s for a few years before returning to 10 news in the mid 90s

    How things go full circle!!!

  4. It would have got removed in the first place so it was more on brand with the network….Ten News. Then in the years following Seven Nightly News became 7 News and National Nine News became just Nine News. Now they have re-introduced it, i would think to differentiate itself from the others…so it is not just ….news. I like the idea.

  5. So, how is it going to be different to the news they’ve been doing all these years. And why did they drop the Eyewitness News in the first place.

  6. I agree with Tomothyd. I flicked over briefly out if interest to see the Adelaide news and it looks like it is being broadcast from a media school. The background looks like cardboard and our logo differs from the Melbourne one. Adelaide’s just looks clunky and odd

  7. Sorry for the second post but glad the annoying beeps in the theme tune have been removed. It does seem weird and unnecessary when the presenters and reporters drop in ‘eyewitness’ in their closing line.

  8. Just flicked over to TEN and the EPG updated from Ten News at Five to Ten Eyewitness News and Ten Eyewitness News Late.

    Don’t watch the 5pm news that often but I think there has been a low budget set change of a flat background image of Adelaide. No screens or anything fancy. Can’t even see the desk.
    The new graphic is actually too dominating and the animated reflections in it is quite distracting. They should watermark it.

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