Hot tip: Dancing with the Stars

2013-09-17_1524Pencil in Tuesday October 1st for the return of Dancing with the StarsĀ with a new-look set.

Next week Seven has two episodes of Winners and Losers, 8:30pm Tuesday and Wednesday, with the second as the final episode to screen this year.

It looks very much like Seven is clearing the decks for Dancing to return to Tuesday nights, where it originally began in 2004.

We still don’t know who will be joining Daniel MacPherson in hosting duties although Kelly Osborne has been rumoured thus far.

Together with X Factor and some fast-tracked US content, the Seven schedule looks very buoyant through to the end of the year.

Seven will have another 13 episodes of Winners and Losers up its sleeve for 2014 meaning the next decision will be whether to go back before the cameras and indeed the point at which it needs to make that decision. Nice to have those options, anyway.


  1. I’m extremely disappointed W & L has been shelved for a reality show. Why can’t 7 commit to keeping successful shows in their own time slot? I understand DWTS used to be at that time but why remove W & L altogether? Didn’t 7 plan a few months ago where their shows would be placed? Wednesday seems to have nothing successful there? I hate how 7 moves things to wherever they want them, never mind their viewers. It seems like 7 just wants reality TV or celebrities on TV. I can’t think what Aussie dramas are on 7 right now? H & A doesn’t count.

  2. Anti-dumb-Tv Crusader

    Boring. How many personalities are left in Australia that have not been recycled? Pathetic how there is no original shows created by Australians for Australians. TV must employ a lot of talentless people.

  3. Actually looking forward to this season – apart from the twin models, I know who everyone is and they aren’t all B-grade!

    Agree with everyone else – no need for international hosts! Kylie is fab and funny on the spot as well.

  4. Kylie Gillies???
    I was annoyed that Mel B was picked as the replacement when Sonia left for Nine; nothing against her, but thinking that an imported host is as good for the role when there are many other Australians who could be just as good is really unfair. International hosts should be a last resort not the first resort.

  5. Please not Kelly Osborne, can’t stand her or her mother. Like others are saying, we have plenty of Aussie talent and should use them. Kerri-Anne would have been perfect, but she’s gone to Foxtel.

  6. Has Seven lost confidence in Winners and Losers? No renewal yet so they’re obviously not ready to commit to another season. They’re probably not confident the ratings will hold up in a later slot and shelving the show just delays their having to make a decision on its future. But obviously upcoming new shows are also a factor.

  7. I am not sure if 7 have learnt from past mistakes! Taking a mid season break didn;t help Rafters! Pretty sure this will upset what existing fans still exist. Killing the drama slate for reality! As I have said before it is madness!!

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