Jessica Rowe joins Studio 10 team

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Rowe will become the fourth member of Studio 10 alongside Ita Buttrose, Joe Hildebrand and Sarah Harris.

2013-09-12_1951EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Rowe will return to TEN to become the fourth member of its upcoming morning show Studio 10.

Rowe will join with Ita Buttrose, Joe Hildebrand and Sarah Harris on the show which will follow Wake Up later this year.

Rowe co-presented TEN News with Ron Wilson from 1996 until the end of 2005 before joining the Today show. But her departure saw a legal case with the network which sought to prevent her joining Nine. Her later departure from the Today show was also wrapped in controversy after then CEO-Eddie McGuire allegedly discussed the idea of “boning” her from the job (a phrase he later denied).

She was later thrown a lifeline by the Seven Network to read news on Weekend Sunrise, which she has continued.

Rowe, who is married to Peter Overton, has also been highly praised for her public statements and advocacy on post-natal depression.

TEN is yet to announce a starting date for Studio 10, produced by Rob McKnight, but it is expected to launch in November with Wake Up as part of TEN’s push into morning television.

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  1. Jessica is intelligent, articulate and perpetually positive yet I’ve never enjoyed watching her. Maybe I relate more closely to someone like Samantha Armytage or Carrie Bickmore and feel comfortable with a more relaxed personality. She seems nice so I wish her all the best but I cannot understand why a network would want to poach her to gain ratings.

  2. its funny, we are viewers and know what we like. We know what will work and what will flop. I think we are on the money with this show. Why don’t these people listen to ussss? Rather than be the same as 7 and 9, what about thinking outside the box? Be creative?

  3. Oh god are you serious lol, She is a really nice woman but she is so boring it’s not funny, so now we have 2 people that shouldn’t be on the show, it hasn’t even started yet and I don’t wanna watch it

  4. Stunned to see Jess return to Ten after they took her to court when she left Ten News but she is a great addition to Studio10. Ita is give or take IMO, Hilderbrand and Harris annoy the heck out of me so Jess would be the only drawcard for me.

  5. Wow that is some big news indeed. Good luck to her. She is a great talent. Boland seems to be luring a lot of great talent to these new shows of his. Now they have to perform. No it won’t happen overnight but if they are as good as he made Sunrise then they will give all morning shows a run for their money.

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