Kerri-Anne Kennerley joins Foxtel

2013-05-06_1418Kerri-Anne Kennerley has joined Foxtel to present true crime series Behind Mansion Walls for the Crime & Investigation Network.

The 13 x 60 minute international series, produced by Beyond Productions, explores the mysterious real life cases of greed, betrayal and murder in some of the world’s wealthiest homes with victims and suspects including oil tycoons, real estate moguls and heirs to family fortunes.

Kennerley will present the series which includes cases from Australia, US and UK.  Beyond also produces the international version for Discovery Investigation in the US, where it is narrated by Christopher Mason.

“I’m thrilled to be hosting Behind Mansion Walls for the CI Network,” Kennerley said. “As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction and I can’t wait to take viewers on a journey in to some of the most incredible stories of high society true crime that you’ll ever see.”

Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, said, “I am delighted to welcome Kerri-Anne Kennerley to Foxtel, marking her first project with Australian subscription television. Kerri-Anne joins a host of Australian television performers who have established successful franchises across the Foxtel channel community.

Behind Mansion Walls is a fresh and unique format and I am certain that Kerri-Anne will resonate with viewers of Crime & Investigation Network.”

General Manager for the Factual Channels Jim Buchan said “We are delighted to have a television presenter of the calibre of Kerri-Anne to join us at CI to spearhead the popular Behind Mansion Walls series.”

It will premiere in December.


  1. Call me stupid but what does KAK have to do with crime/murder.
    This is a very long bow.
    Time for the umpire to call stumps on her career. Midday was cancelled 15 years ago folks.

  2. What a shame KAK isn’t on free to air tv with a midday variety show . Its time for variety tv at lunch time. Don’t understand channel ten would be a perfect fit for KAK . Shame she is on pay tv . No one will see her.such a fantastic talent is KAK. Instead free to air tv want to bore us with advertorials mixed in with news in the arvos .

  3. Good to see KAK get a freelance gig with Foxtel. It’s just a shame most TV presenters now come from a newsroom to fill in for chat shows. It’s a shame that Ita and Kerri Anne don’t appear together. On Midday in 1997, KAK hosted a lunch on her show with ladies around the table. And the banter between KAK, Ita, Joan Collins and Rhonda Burchmore made me think how could would a program be, if it was driven by this concept.

  4. Only just spoke with someone regarding what Seven was doing with Keri-Anne… I thought it was waiting for her health scare to be over with then going to announce something prime time?

    10 should bring her back to mornings, she’d be a great fit with Ita!

  5. @jumpjakflash: You’re right, I am still waiting for the big announcement of what Kerri-Anne was brought to Seven for. It originally sounded like she would be presenting a show of her own in some format. I recently saw her as a guest on The Project, so I assume Seven quietly let her go.

  6. Good pick by Foxtel to have one of Australia’s best known hosts on their pay roll as she would come in handy for live broadcasts (e.g. The Helpman Awards, Mardi Gras, etc.). And definitely a good buy by CI to get this before Discovery decided to make it a part of their Investigation Discovery block (which shows programming from Investigation Discovery U.S.). On a side note, yet another channel that deserves a HD feed with the only Documentary channel to have a higher share being A&E (meaning CI has a higher share than the HD channels Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, and BBC Knowledge).

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