Airdate: Behind Mansion Walls

Kerri-Anne Kennerley fronts the new series on Crime & Investigation Network, which features a mix of local and international crime cases.

BMW_Kerri-AnneKennerleyKerri-Anne Kennerley front the new series Behind Mansion Walls on Foxtel’s Crime & Investigation Network next month, which features a mix of local and international crime cases (although this publicity photo looks like another genre altogether).

Produced by Beyond Productions, the 13 x 60 minute series explores real life cases of greed, betrayal and murder associated with some of the world’s wealthiest homes.

Throughout the series, Kerri-Anne leads viewers through incredible tales of murder and mystery on a grand scale, where the victims and suspects include oil tycoons, real estate moguls and heirs to family fortunes.

From millionaires who have paid blood money to eradicate their enemies, to spoilt rich kids who have murdered family members for cash, to family dynasties that have imploded, Behind Mansion Walls shares the fascinating stories of crimes that have unfolded behind the veil of wealth.

In episode one, Kerri-Anne introduces viewers to the Skakel and Bierenbaum cases.

When 15-year-old Martha Moxley was found beaten to death in her own backyard in the exclusive enclave of Belle Haven, Connecticut, on Halloween Eve 1975, the residents were shocked. The police focused their attention on the Moxley’s neighbours, Tommy and Michael Skakel, who were part of one of the most powerful families on the East Coast – and cousins to the Kennedy family.

High-flying plastic surgeon Dr Robert Bierenbaum and his wife Gail lived the glamorous life in their Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan. But in the summer of 1985, Bierenbaum reported his wife missing. He told police she’d gone to Central Park for the afternoon. This Manhattan mystery would take fifteen years to solve.

And closer to home, in episode three, Kerri-Anne presents the case of the disappearance of Sydneysider Kerry Whelan.

The wife of a multi-millionaire company executive, Whelan disappeared on her way to a beauty appointment in Sydney in May 1997. The case sparked Australia’s greatest police manhunt. As hopes for Kerry began to fade, a surprising suspect emerged. Bruce Burrell was a respectable advertising executive with a coterie of well-to-do friends, including the Whelans. Was Kerry Whelan just another notch on this lady-killer’s belt?

Wednesday, December 11 at 7.30pm CI Network.

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  1. My brother is Engaged to the daughter of Kerry Whelan, how dare you decide to show this episode on Christmas Day ! We have just now found out about this show , no one from the family has been contacted about this . Why on earth would you ruin someone’s Christmas Day by showing this ! This is a disgrace an very upsetting to an already hurt young woman ! An absolute disgrace !

    Tony Hore

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