Rumour: What Working Dog did next….

TV Tonight hears whispers there are two new projects in development.

2013-09-03_0050It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Working Dog productions with Pictures of You and Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever! their last TV outings.

TV Tonight hears whispers there are two new projects in development.

One is believed to be a drama about local councils.

The other is a game show format understood to be in development with TEN.

Fingers crossed one or both come to pass!

Fairfax has since reported the series is a satire called Utopia looking at federal and state politics: The eight-part comedy series will tackle “the un-costed grand dreams and white elephants that have become the new political currency”.

That new political currency includes “desalination plants, very fast trains, broadband networks and property developments” – the stuff which typically features in political promises.”

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  1. It’s a pity they’re such micro-managers, if I were them I’d have The Panel and Thank God You’re Here still running, with or without their direct involvement. The initial plan with The Panel was that the Working Dog folk could dip in and out as they pleased.

  2. Working Dog are Legends. Partnering with Seven was a bad move for all…..them, Ten and viewers. (WD’s back balance might not agree).

    Great to see they are in discussions with Ten again.

    Would love to see Pictures of You bought back. Great show and not expensive to produce.

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