US TV Fall schedule

All the dates the big shows air in the US, ahead of Australian fast-tracking this month.

2013-09-15_0151We are now just days away from the first of the new Fall shows entering Australian schedules.

Sleepy Hollow begins on TEN on Tuesday night. Then a smorgasboard of new and returning shows kicks off in the US.

Here are the dates of shows that are likely to interest Aussie viewers, including some finales.

Adjusting for the dateline, remember that a primetime US show is generally played out early arvo the following day, Australian time. ie. Bones on Monday 16 = Tuesday 17 in Australia.

Network fast-tracking feast underway

Sunday 15th
The Newsroom final

Monday 16th
Sleepy Hollow,
Under The Dome

Tuesday 17th
Brooklyn Nine-Nine ,
New Girl

Wednesday 18th
Key & Peele

Friday 20th
Last Man Standing,
The Neighbors

Sunday 22nd
Downton Abbey
Ray Donovan final

Monday 23rd
How I Met Your Mother,
2 Broke Girls,
The Blacklist,

Tuesday 24th
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,
The Goldbergs,
NCIS: Los Angeles,
Person of Interest,
Chicago Fire

Wednesday 25th
The Middle,
Criminal Minds,
Law & Order: SVU,
Modern Family,
South Park

Thursday 26th
The Big Bang Theory,
Parks and Recreation,
The Crazy Ones,
Greys Anatomy,
Two and a Half Men,

Friday 27th
Hawaii Five-0,
Blue Bloods

Sunday 29th
The Amazing Race,
The Simpsons,
Once Upon a Time,
Bob’s Burgers,
Family Guy,
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife,
American Dad!,
Masters of Sex,
The Mentalist,
Eastbound and Down,
Hello Ladies

Wednesday 2nd
Super Fun Night,
The Bridge
(US) final
Top Chef

Thursday 3rd
The Vampire Diaries,
The Originals,
The Millers,

Saturday 5th
Hell on Wheels final

Sunday 6th
Low Winter Sun final

Monday 7th
Hart Of Dixie,
Beauty and the Beast

Tuesday 8th

Wednesday 9th
The Tomorrow People,
American Horror Story

Thursday 10th
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Sunday 13th
The Walking Dead

Thursday 17th
White Collar

Tuesday 22nd

Friday 25th:
The Carrie Diaries,

32 Responses

  1. No TVluva in fact Fall is English not American it was the correct term used by the English until the late 18th century when the upper class in England started using the French word Automne to sound better than the lower class.

  2. yer but David thats because a) there is not a lot of american programming on the fta networks b) there on the wrong time & on the wrong day c) US programs here in Australia do out rate most aussie shows at times when there is new eps of big us shows that are put on the right time & right day

  3. @daviec4u & Kylie: The Following is a mid-season show so it won’t return until January. US networks don’t release their winter schedules this far out so the exact premiere date won’t be known until late November.

    For Kylie, Hannibal is another mid-season show, but unlike Following it was a very late pick-up due to its ratings, which may factor into whether NBC holds it back. In general, they roll out mid-season shows they’re most confident in for in Jan & Feb and the remainder much closer to the end of their season – so it may not get a spot before March/April again. More will be known when they announce winter/spring schedules in late November.

  4. Australian free to air networks need to get more US shows instead of making crappy Australian reality shows the only great Aussie show is probably wonderland also free to air networks needs to stop letting great shows go to foxtel

  5. Hostages is like Lost, in that it has a premise that will only be interesting for 1 season, or that’d work as only a miniseries.

    The only way it could work for multiple seasons, is by going with a totally new hostage story and totally new characters and actors, in each season, but I can’t see how that’ll compel viewers to keep with it.

  6. Max as Ravenswood is a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars I’m assuming it will go to FOX8. PLL is such a hit in the US and yet for some reason we only got 10 episodes shown on a digital channel and then it was shafted. Such bull.

  7. Sleepy Hollow – has been promoted by TEN quite a bit, I’ve seen the promos and ‘sneak peek’ a number of times.

    I’m hanging out for Parenthood, just hope Seven doesn’t delay it too much as they have a full 22 eps this season.

    I’m guessing Nine will fast track TBBT again but it will be interesting to see just how many shows get fast tracked on FTA, Foxtel has been promoting all it’s fast tracking shows.

  8. There’s still been no word on whether 7 or 7Mate is fast tracking The Amazing Race.

    What has happened to Last Man Standing? We haven’t seen that show for ages here. Same with New Girl, they both just disappeared.

    Hope we get some of those shows fast tracked, but won’t hold my breath.

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