Big Brother contestant quits the game

2013-10-07_0107One of the housemates in Big Brother has quit the show, giving the show an unexpected publicity drawcard.

The official BB site announced, “In a world first, one Big Brother Housemate has made a game-changing sacrifice and left the Big Brother House.”

Social media was speculating as to the identity of the quitter, with rumours of Intruder Nathan being spotted at Dreamworld on Behind Big Brother.

Producer Alex Mavroidakis wasn’t giving much away on Twitter.


The site’s Live Feed updates were suspended to keep it all secret until tonight’s episode at 8.45pm (AEDT) on Nine. A female Intruder is also due to depart, but it’s unclear if the latest move will change that outcome.

In 2003 housemate Belinda Thorpe also quit the show.


  1. Awesome episode, Well done BB I loved it, looking forward to the last episodes as the HMS will get less and less we shall see the real them.
    Good luck Boog and Maddy.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, Sonia explained on Mornings today that it wasn’t the first time in Australia or the world that a contestant had quit, but the first time they had sacrificed themselves for another house mate.

  3. We have become such a cynical lot in this day and age, haven’t we?

    First the Sam Armitage phone thing the other was decried as a set up and now this…

    Have we lost our innocence? 🙁

  4. daveinprogress

    My first thought was Tahan, as when we last saw her she was pretty defeated, but that girl has been through too much to throw in the towel now, so Nathan is the likely contender.

  5. Hopefully Drew as he is a follower and a wannabe. Probably Jade though after the “I wish she was dead” comment. oh, and get the two girl intruders out of there!

  6. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, it’s not a world first, since Belinda left in 2003. I think it’s probably Nathan too. I can’t be any of the nominees as the voting lines haven’t been shut down. I doubt Tahan, Jade or Mikkayla would walk.

    Some people think it’s Jade because she walked out on Italy’s Top Model show, but that was only after 3 days and she said in an article that they expected her to lose weight and there was a lot of bullying so I don’t think you can compare that to this.

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