Dancing with the Stars update, factuals resume on Seven.

2013-10-28_1249As tipped Dancing with the Stars doubles the dose from Sunday, replacing The X Factor at 6:30pm.

Sunday Night screens at 8:30pm. Bones is 9:30 and Castle is a single ep at 10:30pm.

Dancing also has a second ep in its normal Tuesday night slot.

Meanwhile, Seven has added more factual shows, including the premiere of Air Rescue, all as first-run eps.

Monday Nov 4
7:30pm Highway Patrol
A man does a runner from the scene of a crash and when officers find him, it becomes clear why he wanted to evade police. Then, Police spot a car with stolen plates. The driver is homeless and sleeps in his car but it’s what he cuddles up to that’s the real concern. Then, officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with porn and sex toys.

8pm Air Rescue
Australia’s notorious coastline lives up to its reputation as The Westpac Rescue Crew responds to a shark attack victim, while a daring rock fisherman risks his life for the perfect catch. Then, an elderly man is evacuated after his battle with chest pain rapidly deteriorates.

Wednesday Nov 6
9:30pm Surveillance Oz
High speed surveillance from Victoria Police Airwing monitor a wanted man, a drunk driver leaves a trail of destruction at a Wilson car park and a car is clipped by a truck in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and spins 180 degrees. Then, a woman attempts to steal nursery items disguised as a baby in a stolen pram and a man is distracted talking on his phone and falls onto the train tracks.

10pm Motorway Patrol
Police encounter a drunk driver who seems to have lost her trousers and an overexcited ute full of men off to a stag party.


  1. Hey

    10 seconds after I posted that I got confirmation from Seven with your schedule. You can delete my post to not confuse people or just update with this message

  2. Hey

    Happy to be wrong but I have this line-up:

    6:30 DWTS
    8:00 Sunday Night
    9:00 Bones
    10:00 Castle (new)
    11:00 Castle (repeat)

    You may have different or correct info but that is what I have

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