Karma payback as X Factor trounces Got Talent

Ratings: Karma bites Nine as X Factor more than doubles Australia's Got Talent. And the audience sends ABC1 a message over Serangoon Road.

2013-10-21_1001The battle between two talent shows chasing the same audience in the same timeslot has not been kind to Nine.

Last night The X Factor scored 1.76m viewers -more than twice Australia’s Got Talent on 850,000. That’s despite Nine’s early optimism the gap would be much narrower, prompting Nine spokesperson David Hurley some weeks ago sending Seven’s Head of Production Brad Lyons the message, “That’s what karma looks like, Brad.”

But after several weeks the audience has given Seven some karma payback. Lyons politely declined to comment today.

Last week Kyle Sandilands told TV Tonight, rights holders Syco should have decreed their two talent shows should not go head to head.

Meanwhile ABC1 has lucked out with Serangoon Road, dropping to just 369,000:  a message to ABC  it must remain relevant in its Drama choices.

Seven was streets in front of the competition with a network share of 39.3% to Nine’s 25.9%, TEN 15.7%, ABC 13.4% and SBS 5.7%.

Elsewhere for Seven Sunday Night was 1.45m then Seven News (1.4m) and in 4 cities Bones (829,000) and Castle (527,000). A Castle repeat was 378,000  in 5 cities. Telethon averaged 213,000 in Perth.

60 Minutes (1.32m) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.17m), Australia’s Got Talent (850,000) and Movie: Limitless (522,000).

Modern Family (761,000 / 667,000) led TEN’s evening followed by Elementary (664,000), TEN Eyewitness News (531,000), David Attenborough: Animal Attraction (466,000), MotoGP (422,000), The Graham Norton Show (347,000) and The Simpsons (337,000).

ABC News (814,000) topped ABC1 followed by Kakadu (747,000) but Serangoon Road slumped to just 369,000. Compass was 295,000 and Autopsy on a Dream was 278,000.

Richard III: The King in the Park was strong on 384,000 for SBS ONE. Lost Kingdoms of South America was 266,000, World News Australia was 216,000 and Mythbusters (55,000).

ABC2’s Elmo the Musical (240,000) led multichannels.

Insiders: 170,000 / 102,000 / 57,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 20 October 2013.

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  1. @ jezza the first original one…I also like Joan Chen and the guy from Wonderland…and I just read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald..Sept.19th…lucky it even got made..Don had 3 injuries in one week..bad ear infection 1st week…food poisoning..and halfway through broke his shoulder…no wonder it was slow getting on air.

  2. Agreed, Daveinprogress re Sunday night. They were clearly trying to gain the Nine market with mentions of Dawn French – it clearly was about Jennifer Saunders – just market it that way!! Just made the ads seem shonky.

    Katy Perry interview showed how a lot of print journalists fail when trying to interview on tv. Surely (a) she knew she was going to far on some questions and (b) she should’ve been prepared for changes in subject if you are going to go in “hard hitting” – the massive pauses and inability to change tack were very obvious!!!

  3. Disagree with Aussie_Austridge – if there was no production – you might as well re-label the show as Australian Idol with mentoring. Its a visual and audio fest – which is the whole novelty behind X Factor. Congratulations to X Factor Australia and Channel 7 for the quality entertainment…

  4. I’ve been watching X Factor and the musical segments are overproduced. The coloured lights and graphics during one act brought back memories of the early days of Countdown when promoting newly-introduced colour TV was imperative. I’m sure it must be distracting to the talent as well and it is pulling focus away from the actual singing performance.

  5. The Fools at channel nine kept playing the AGT commerical for weeks over again and again. They should have launched the show earlier than Xfactor, but they didnt. Don’t you think that’s why the audience didn’t get into AGT. It took forever to get to finally see it. I love Dawn and Geri. They are the best.

  6. I find myself quickly losing interest in AGT. Since Red and Tom left, everything has been biased towards musical acts. I know singers rate but I enjoy when unusual acts get a look in.

    I am not saying that Uncle Jed isn’t talented but it is disappointing there are not many novelty type acts performing in the grand finale except for Salty Rain…..talent on this act I am not sure about.

  7. I have’t had a chance to watch Seragoon Rd yet but my folks do and really like it however Ivew is so good that they rarely watch any ABC live always using the catchup option on their Sony TV instead.

  8. X Factor’s wobbly performances and high drama did well for them. I stayed to watch Sunday Night. Very disappointed with the two lighter pieces. Coulthart’s French and Saunders couldn’t seem to decide who it was focusing on. It started with what looked like dual profiles; Dawn had little screen time. Jennifer was good. The Jackie Frank iv with Katy Perry was just awful. Nobody came out of it looking ok.

  9. I watch Serangoon Road on Iview..and really enjoying it…Jezza…perhaps you should have gone past the first ep…..although not factual…it is a history lesson of the time….
    Maybe J Bar is right..might have been better on SBS..
    To anyone who wants to give it a go…all eps are still on Iview for 53 days….
    @ Victor..totally your opinion…quite obviously not everyones.

  10. The Richard III program on SBS was fascinating viewing, well worth a look on their IView if you missed it.
    Serangoon Road? Episode 1 was dreadful, and I haven’t bothered since with the rest of it. Why the ABC is relentlessly plugging this thing is beyond me, it is mediocre at best.
    Sucked in too for Nine, that is what they deserve for hiring Kyle Sandilands & a washed up former Spice Girl, and thinking they can defeat X Factor.

  11. The ABC does care about ratings but should never be driven by them. But there should be some real soul searching as to why Serangoon Road was ever commissioned. It was clear from episode one that it was poorly conceived, badly written and completely clichéd. It should have been obvious from just reading the scripts. This project was inherited by the new head of TV and perhaps he will realise that a review of ABC drama output and performance is due.

  12. Agree with Jason, nine-arrogance comes through again, as well as childish and petty, AGT really has had its day for a while, the ratings show that, it was going down last year when up against the voice so did they really expect to work miracles this year. Perhaps some time 9 might get their act together but possible not with the people they have in charge at the moment.

  13. I saw the first ep of Serangoon, it was so dull I haven’t bothered since.

    I know this goes against the grain but ch10 had a few shows in the top 20 and also one in the top ten….scary eh?

  14. “…Nine spokesperson David Hurley some weeks ago sending Seven’s Head of Production Brad Lyons the message, ”That’s what karma looks like, Brad.”
    Really? Did Hurley not attend Business Etiquette School. It’s called “back in your face” and “biting you on the bum”.
    “Lyons politely declined to comment today.” Of course he would. Why would he come down to that childish display of Nine-arrogance?
    (Etiquette – the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other.)

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