Katy Perry roars for Sunrise concert

DSC_3941Katy Perry has certainly earned her airfare with two performances for Seven in the last 24 hours.

After performing at The X Factor last night (and being asked to attend the after party), she was up bright and early for Sunrise‘s live concert at the Sydney Opera House. And she was in fine voice.

The morning starting off looking a tad ominous with the Harbour Bridge covered completely by fog. Luckily it cleared before Katy’s first performance at 7.40am.

Perry performed Roar at 7:40, Firework at 8:20, a medley of California Girls and Teenage Dream at 8:40 and Unconditionally at 8:50am plus gave an on-stage interview.

DSC_4030Looking on were a crowd of about 1000 competition winners.

Looks like Perry doesn’t feel the same about that Sunday Night interview as Darren Hayes after all.

Shame she can’t do it all again next Monday….


  1. I was going to say the crowd looked a little sparse, but if it was made up of only competition winners that would explain it. Was a great performance by Katy, come back again soon!

  2. um… @andrewb almost definitely yes. Hair and makeup and tech checks would mean she was almost definitely up at 3am, I’m surprised it wasn’t earlier.

  3. I’m amazed that 7 executives believed Mel Doyle was too old and irrelevant and ‘Mumsy’ that she had to be replaced yet they consider it perfectly fine for a middle-aged financial planner to interview teenage pop-stars and DJs. He looks ridiculous. The entire show needs a re-fresh not just one presenter.

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