My Kitchen Rules truck driving into 2014

2013-10-24_0036Seven teased footage of My Kitchen Rules 2014 at its Upfronts this week, and there are some new elements next season.

As Head of Production Brad Lyons said, the show will have “more intense home restaurant rounds and a very big truck.”

The truck has reportedly been getting reactions wherever it goes. The big semi-trailer sees the sides open up with kitchen stations inside that allow teams to begin cooking in challenges for the public.

There was also some early footage of the teams coming in 2014, including a couple from Canberra.

One of the Queensland teams sees a couple with an age gap, where the husband refers to his younger wife as “a trophy wife.” Expect a backlash.

There are mums from South Australia.

There’s another Asian-Australian couple, and at least one woman who appears to be Indian-Australian (maybe Sri Lankan?).

One team nabs the highest-ever score in MKR history.

The show will return early in 2014.


  1. I quite like the format of MKR after it gets past the house rounds.

    I’ve recently watched “the Taste” an american cooking show based on the format of the Voice. it’s really cool and action packed. it’d be great if one of the aussie channels picked up that format.

  2. Well done Aussies for creating a format that only the rest of the world can wish for. It’s great to see Aussie formats like The Block, House Rules, MKR and even Gruen Transfer resonating well with local audiences. It seems that those rented formats (Bachelor, Celeb Splash, Mole, Masterchef, Biggest Loser, Recipe To Riches) are made for foreign audiences, by foreign production companies and dont appeal to local audiences. Aussie TV for Aussie audiences.

  3. @Mac, yes you will, you won’t be able to resist.

    Absolutely cannot wait for this fantastic show to start again. The more controversial couples the better and the longer the instant restaurant rounds last, all the better as well. I love all aspects of the show, but the instant restaurant rounds are television genius!!

  4. It is going to be hard for the casting to top Ashlee & Sophia. They were perfect for this show; bitchy, entertaining, trouble-making, hot mess. And they were some of the best cooks the show has ever had.

  5. Woot woot! The best show on Aussie television. Love it or hate it – they know how to serve up a great feast to start every year.
    Cannot wait.
    Proudly an MKR fan!

  6. Presumably they have cast for 2014 another Ashlee/Sophia type couple.
    MKR at least are true to their mission statement: personality trumps cooking ability.

  7. Sounds like MKR will be all about the controversy & little about the actual cooking.
    Maybe MasterChef should go like the US version of the show & actively promote the bitchiness of the contestants. (Personally I hate that).
    I admit I am a MasterChef fan.

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