Time’s up as Mikkayla evicted from Big Brother

2013-10-17_0128_001Was it something to do with the fact that she had a right royal stoush with Tim this week? Or had Mikkayla simply run out of her nine lives?

Either way the Big Brother housemate is no more, evicted from the Nine Reality show last night.

But the biggest question of all is how will Mr. Clooney cope?

In the end the 24 year old teacher attracted just 25% of votes to save while Boog had 26.7%. Tahan continues to prove herself a contender with 48.3% of votes.

“Although it’s sad that it’s over now, it’s so fulfilling and I’m so excited. I was 100% myself the whole time, some people didn’t like that, some people did,” Mikkayla told Sonia Kruger.

“I know I’m bossy… gosh I’m a teacher. It doesn’t surprise me, I’m surprised how it doesn’t affect me personally. It’s a game.”

Mikkayla broke down in tears after watching a package of herself with her most loyal companion, Mr Clooney.

Mikkayla represents yet another housemate marked by Tim for eviction. On that basis, Jade, Ed and Madaline will surely be next.


  1. @katbat – The #SaveTahan sticker wasn’t on the outside of the car it was on the inside when they went to that view from behind the driver inside.

    Also not saying there was anything wrong with it, just that it opened my eyes to how much support Tahan may have from that particular community, from Drivers to Pit Crew to Grid/Promotion Girls and etc., which would explain how she keeps staying in. I have nothing against her myself either which is why I was agreeing with adzg, I have actually found Jade and Mikkayla more irritating for the whole show (especially the Jade and Ed stuff, I tend to fast-forward through it).

  2. I loved Tahan from the minuteI saw the preview clips, before the series even started. I knew she would be in there with miscellaneous blondes that were difficult to tell apart personality-wise. She said from the outset she would not have female friends, and she was true to that. She has bitched about people; she has been bitched about more. However; on the David Reynolds thing… Until about a week ago, I never even knew about their relationship, so the daily broadcasts have not played that up. I watch the Bathurst Race every year. This year was no exception, and when I did see David Reynold’s car, it was obviously going too fast for me to see any alleged stickers.
    Not one person in that house has any right to accuse any other of backstabbing. Every one of them is guilty of it.
    Tahan…you go girl.

  3. I was sorry to see Mikkayla go, she was the most “normal, average ” person in there.
    She had a bad week and was starting to get quite stressed I reckon so she’s probably glad to get out of there.
    The booing was awful as was the way she was treated on stage by Sonia.
    Tahan or Tim will probably win, but now that Ben is gone its not the same anyway.

  4. I’m also a bit baffled by it Ricoz. The things Tahan fans list seem like traits that apply to many housemates over the years (fun, honest, don’t take crap from other people, etc) who haven’t had the same support from the public. There doesn’t seem to be anything especially unique about her, like say Sara Marie or Reggie. I suppose the house dynamics have helped her a bit. In the beginning she had a group of friends who were more unlikeable and left before her (Tully and Matt). By that stage the people she alienated in the beginning were in the majority giving her an underdog status.

  5. @Adzg

    Jade said she wouldn’t care if Tahan died, not that she wanted her dead. There’s a difference.

    I loved Mikkayla – such an honest person who stayed true to herself and didn’t change for anyone. I am losing interest purely because the final weeks seem to be dragging. Maybe would have been better to wrap next week.

  6. Disagree adzg. If you listen to what was said, Jade never said that she wished she was dead. Thats what Drew told Tahan. Jade said that if she did she wouldnt care. Its subtle but a definate different. Also American fans will tell you that all of our HMs are not nasty at all compared to the ones on their BB this year.

    I would love to see how Jade would cope without Ed.

    @Maxxdude i read on BBBA that 9 extended the show by 2 weeks, tho here was the 1st place that i saw that it was happening. Thats why the intruder process this time.

  7. I do not and will not understand the growing popularity of Tahan. Some people have very short memories of her awful behavior towards the sugar sisters and Mikkayla, she has a nasty personality. You can be honest without being a bitch about it, which I think some people get confused about. Mikkayla was honest but didn’t make people feel like crap which Tahan does! I can only hope Tim wins!

  8. bettestreep2008

    Don’t feel too sorry for Mykala. She’s going to learn that her boy Tony Abbott is now PM. Remember she and Heidi were the only ones to admit to being Abbot supporters when their videos were screened.

    And all that talk about Tahan being the winner of BB – mark my words it will be Ed.

  9. That was great all the boring people need next hopefully Ed & Jade they do nothing other then bitch on how rude people.
    Can’t wait to see how Jade plays the game name without her master around.

  10. I still don’t understand why Tahan is getting so much of the vote. There must be some kind of funding going on to save her. Okay she does speak her mind but what are her highlight moments? A few catch phases like shut the front gate and her shouting at people?

  11. I am with you on that @adzg, the others are just quietly bitchy/nasty amongst themselves (as well as being dull as hen’s teeth), Sonia calling them the Tea Party was good last night and accurate. The whole oh they’re excluding us crap from the Tea Party summed up who was excluding who, have some fun people loosen up a bit or you’ll be gone.

    Was interesting watching Bathurst on Sunday and when they did the drivers view in her boyfriend David Reynolds car, seeing the huge #SaveTahan sticker in there, she must get a lot of votes from all those involved in Racing.

  12. Channel 9 have chosen their winner: Tahan. The episode last night was a blatant pitch for her to get the 250K.
    Mikkayla got a dreadful edit this week, and a pretty poor interview from Sonia Kruger also.
    The series pretty much died for me when they evicted Ben last week, Tim is the only remaining hope for a credible winner.

  13. Tahan doesn’t have supporters for no reason, she’s entertaining! Mikkayla dug her own grave this week when she started the fight with Tim and Boogs.

  14. It’s funny how things change in there. At the beginning Tim and Mikkayla were really close if I remember right. Wasn’t there one point where he actually saved her from nominations because she was the only one who took the time to talk to him, or something to that effect? And he and Tahan haven’t gotten along very well at all for most of the series.

    Then again, Tim seems to have a sense for how the public are perceiving people and it would have been obvious that a “fun” group was far more appealing to the demographic most likely to vote.

    I wonder if he’ll eventually turn on Tahan though? Their relationship does her more favours than him. It makes her self-absorption seem more funny than irritating. Tim comes off better when he’s seen as an underdog though, imo, rather than the leader of a dominant group.

  15. I’m so over people saying how nasty Tahan is. Jade and Mikkayla are just as bad if not worse, hello they wished death upon Tahan, that’s something Tahan has never done, and lets face it she’s a very important part of the show as is Tim who also has nasty moments. We all are bitchy from time to time Tahan just doesn’t hide it because she’s so honest. Jade, Ed and Madeline’s days are numbered. I’d say from here on in it will go Madeline, Ed, Boog, Jade, Drew, Tahan, Tim.

  16. I don’t understand why the intruders (I had to turn BB off when Boog spoke) were bought in so late & are still in the house this late in the game. I had really gotten into this season before they arrived & once Ben left I completely lost interest.

  17. carolemorrissey

    Can’t believe how many people are saving that nasty
    Tahan. Probably the same ones who kept saving nasty Ben from last year. I really hope Tim wins, I do not want to see another nasty person win.

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