X Factor, V8 Supercars drive Seven to big Sunday win.

Ratings: The X Factor hits a series high with 1.81m viewers, but can thank the V8 Supercars. Meanwhile, problems for AGT and Serangoon Rd.

2013-10-14_1003Never underestimate the power of a good lead-in.

Seven’s coverage of V8 Supercars at Bathurst drove the network’s ratings to a thumping win by its primetime shows.

The X Factor pulled out its biggest audience all season with 1.81m viewers, more than double its competitors, followed by Sunday Night on 1.56m and Seven News on 1.47m. The V8s Race itself averaged an excellent 1.26m viewers.

Seven’s network share was a powerful 39.5%, with Nine trailing on 25.8%, TEN 15.8%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 3.7%.

Elsewhere on Seven Bones was 871,000 and Castle was 669,000 / 365,000.

Against that kind of competition, Nine News was 1.14m for Nine then 60 Minutes 1.00m. Australia’s Got Talent dropped to 801,000 and Movie: The Next Three Days was just 390,000.

By TEN’s standards Modern Family did good business at 743,000 / 724,000 then Elementary at 667,000. Elsewhere it was less positive with TEN Eyewitness News at 455,000, Polar Bear Family & Me (351,000), The Graham Norton Show (317,000) and The Simpsons (306,000).

ABC News topped ABC1 at 870,000 then Kakadu (787,000). But Serangoon Road lost a pile of its lead-in and is struggling at 433,000. Compass was 406,000 and Midsomer Murders was 305,000.

On SBS ONE it was Lost Kingdoms of South America (247,000), World News Australia (198,000), The Observer Effect (131,000) and Netball: Aus v NZ (51,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country topped multichannels at 261,000.

Insiders: 147,000 / 96,000 / 42,000
The Bolt Report: 137,000 / 76,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 October 2013


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  1. I love Serangoon Road…and it just keeps getting better…
    My friend, who had not been watching, caught up with it on Iview…all the episodes are there..and also really liked it…
    Maybe it just appeals to people who are closer to that era…although not factual…younger viewers could learn a lot about that time.

  2. Are the live performances by contestants on X Factor lip synced to prerecorded singing? They all seem so perfect and its driving me nuts trying to figure it out? I never hear any pitchiness with this group

  3. I’ve caught bits of AGT and if there’s one thing I’ve never really liked it’s the seemingly messy structure of the heats and finals. So an act performs and then has several weeks off. When do you see them again exactly? This covers one flaw in that most the acts become very tired after two performances. There is really no evolution off the acts- they just are what they are.

    It’s basically a glammed up red faces segment from Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

  4. I have been watching AGT but the format is flawed in that viewers are asked to vote but only get to vote 1 act through to the Grand Final. Therefore the viewers votes are sometimes being ignored if the act who came 2nd on votes is not picked by the judges.
    This is causing me to wonder whether I should keep voting & engaging in the program.

  5. @laurie – Absolutely on that about Sevens coverage, I was at my parents place watching on there 50″ and my Dad kept complaining about how you couldn’t make much out especially car numbers etc. I explained to him that it wasn’t his 74 year old age, after he remarked it was better on analogue in the old square scale or he was getting on/needed new specs. I told him it was the way Seven where filming it not zoomed in as much to fill the 16:9 aspect ratio and that if it was in HD (like the MotoGP), he would have made out things much better, than this scaled down quality.

    The other thing that was annoying was towards the end of the race they kept banging on about Lowndes passing to get in to 3rd, while showing the 1st vs 2nd tussle. Due to 2nd and 3rd both being Red Bull cars and there commentary coupled with the poor picture quality, there was a time whne both my Dad and I where…

  6. Kakadu was amazing, one of the best shows I have seen in ages. AGT is crap TV that unfortunately promised so much with Julia and Dawn and has not delivered.

    X Factor is just lucky to have a few stars with talent this time around that are worth watching. I cannot say the same for AGT. But the pendulum could swing back the other way next year.

  7. The Bathurst 1000 was a shocking coverage by Seven as far as picture quality was concerned never watched it until the reply on Speed HD last night,wow!!! I can see much more instead of a blurry picture that Seven dished up,but as the figures indicated most people still live in the VHS era the old analog signal was far better than the now digital equivalent because its compressed too much

  8. both DWTS and AGT were struggling last year. Seems DWTS has recovered well but AGT has gone backwards. I think it was way too early to revive AGT should have taken atleast all of 2013 off. I used to love the show, but now it is so so daggy. Especially in contrast to the slick X Factor, the dagginess is going to be hard to shake off should AGT be renewed.

    It took a while but Redfoo is really finding his feet and showing a lot of genuine personality, I hope he is back next year. I’ve always liked dannii but this year I’m finding her a bit bland.

  9. Wow unbelievable figure for The X Factor. Considering daylight saving and all that is an incredible figure. The lead in helped i am sure. Sunday Night did great too. Overall Seven should be very pleased with how they are going for the final quarter of the year.

    Also it just goes to show Seven had reason to get rid of Australia’s Got Talent too. Those ratings are not worth the licence fee.

  10. It could have been even better for Seven considering the race finished far earlier than expected at around 4.55, note the big drop off by 5.30. No wonder they want to delay the start of the race by 30 minutes next year.

    But all in all, very good numbers for Bathurst throughout the day!

  11. Bathurst inflated figure for seven or not, that figure for AGT is terrible. From what I’ve read, it’s an expensive show to licence. Seven seem to have made the right call axing it last year.

  12. Why is Nine showing movies on a Sunday night? They don’t work now and never will again as we can watch them ad free for $2 from the local shop or on Foxtel.

    They would be better off fast tracking The Mentalist eps in this spot.

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