Airdate: Reptilian Battleground

Crocodiles on beach and in waterThis Sunday night ABC1 screens a documentary filmed on Crab Island, Queensland as dozens of saltwater crocodiles take on thousands of turtle hatchlings.

Reptilian Battleground is produced by BK Films.

Saltwater crocodiles are some of the most fearsome predators on the planet. Flatbacks are hard-nosed ocean-going turtles. Few people knew they ever met, let alone the epic battle that kicks off when they do…

For most of the year Crab Island, off Australia’s north coast, seems like a piece of paradise.

But from early May, dark forces are unleashed as the players in a remarkable drama begin to show up.

No one knew the scale of it, until salt-water crocodiles were traced from their natural homes along North Queensland’s swampy, tidal rivers.

For the very first time this film tracks the journeys of salties and of ocean-going turtles, as they converge on an extraordinary natural arena.

It’s a collision course that’s not just breathtakingly unexpected and spectacular; the events on Crab Island are forcing us to re-think everything we assumed about salties.

7:30pm Sunday ABC1.

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