Conan goes from GO!

2013-11-04_2341As a number of readers have noticed, Conan O’Brien is no longer screening late nights on GO!

Unfortunately that’s all, folks.

A Nine spokesperson explained to TV Tonight, “We have finished the current season.

“The next season is not being distributed by Warner Bros. so we won’t be showing it on GO!”



  1. Sadly no new information on new distributor. Even in US no news of change. So willing to celebrate international deal but give little clarity to changes. Will try info from Cam Reed post.

  2. David had an article on here about GeoBlocking a bit ago:

    If you look at that you can find ways around it, one of which I use with my browser which is the free use Hola and I have no problem with any GeoBlocking (works on Chrome and its hybrids like SRWare Iron).

    Have a read of the article and link to Choice and follow what it says and you will be able to see all the Team Coco stuff (on YouTube or the site with clips or full episodes).

  3. Thanks for the news David it sucks cuz like it’s been said here we can’t view the Team Coco’s Youtube videos.I hope Doxtel picks up Conan or even 7Mate

  4. Thanks for investigating, David. It makes sense for Nine to let it go under the circumstances.

    Maybe it will turn up on iTunes if Foxtel is not interested.

  5. Which translates as Nine was prepared to show Conan when it was part of an output deal and the marginal cost was zero. But aren’t going to pay to buy the rights from the new distributor.

  6. So we can’t see it legally on TV or even, guess they leaves us with one option…

    I don’t know weather to blame Nine or Warner Bros, it’s typical of Nine to keep this quite. I guess David you would have posted a story on this in the last few weeks if you had known.

  7. Conan on cable was never the same as the late night show on nbc which I used to watch without fail. Hopefully jimmy Fallon does not also fall victim to the “Leno curse”

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