Sam Simmons on Conan

2013-10-24_0012Aussie comedian Sam Simmons, well known for his ABC sketch comedy Problems, has filmed an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show.

“I never ever thought I would get the opportunity to do something like that ever,” he said.

“It was a truly surreal afternoon. It’s so weird to be swimming in such a giant pool of television that appreciates an odd fish. Loved it!”

The episode will air in Australia tonight at 1am GO! (Friday 25 October) and is repeated at 2pm on Friday.


  1. I saw it and I have to say it didn’t go all that well. I absolutely loved Problems but I don’t think the Americans get his humour and it was certainly a “different” performance.

  2. With the problems networks appear to be having with content currently, why is it that so much content (such as this) is a first run at 1am? I’d watch it if it was on at a reasonable hour!

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