Wedding Band: Dec 5

I haven’t had time to write a formal review, but thought I would pass on that I was pleasantly surprised by Wedding Band which premieres tomorrow night on TEN.

It stars Brian Austin Green (still scrubbing up well) as Tommy, the lead singer of a part-time wedding reception band. In the first episode he has to sing at the wedding of a former girlfriend. Awkw-a-a-a-rd…

The series comes from TBS (Conan, Are We There Yet?) and it feels like a sibling to Entourage or maybe Party Down. Compared to a lot of comedy that is just about try-hard punchlines, this one is aiming a little bit higher.

I’m not sure it quite fits a one hour format, but it’s certainly worth a look in the cold summer schedules.

It premieres tomorrow night at 7:30pm on TEN.



  1. i was going to check this show out but now have been completely put off because Ten keep advertising it every damn ad break at times so i’m sick to death of it already! i mean what is the point in advertising a show more than say once or at the most twice, in one hourly show, ten take it to a new level by doing it about 6 or more times, geez 10 give it a rest for gods sake!!
    (not to mention, they are still screaming at us with every promo where the volume is raised at least 3 bars from other programs/ads on 10, i notice 9 have started doing the same thing recently, very very annoying, doeesnt make me want to watch,just reach for the remote instead)

  2. Thanks David. I was going to check it out due to low summer fair just to see if it was any good. I find some US shows on in summer like White Collar, Eli Stone and Harry’s Law were worth the effort!

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