“I need a break.” No Adam Hills Tonight in 2014.

2013-07-02_1207Adam Hills Tonight won’t air in 2014 because Hills is in need of a break.

But it may return further down the track.

Hills has blogged online, writing:

Basically, I need a rest. More to the point, I need a break. I fear that in trying to combine a career on UK TV as well as one in Australia, I am in danger of, to put it simply, running out of funny. I love what I do, and am very lucky to do it, but it is also important to recharge every now and then. As a comedian you can’t talk about life if you don’t have one, and at the moment my life consists of planes, trains, cars, TV studios, and stages. Like I said, I love every minute of it, but I also need some time away from it to come up with something new and funny to say.

Added to all this is the fact that my wife and I are expecting our second child any day, and I don’t want to be so busy making other people laugh that I don’t make my own daughters happy.

The mere fact that I will be the father of two girls means I will need to get back to work as soon as possible, in order to pay for whatever outrageous demands teenagers will have in 2023, so rest assured I will be banging on the ABC’s door before the end of the year with a whole laptop full of new ideas, and may even resurrect Adam Hills Tonight in 2015 if anyone will let me.

I am so grateful to the ABC, and more importantly to the viewers, for letting me have the TV career I have had thus far, and I can assure you this is not a decision I have taken lightly.

I will still be on Aussie TV screens in 2014 with The Last Leg, which Channel 4 in the UK have commissioned for at least another two series, and I am also talking to Channel 4 about some new ideas (some theirs, some mine) which may also make it back to Australia. Plus I have plans for another stand up tour in 2015, so I’m certainly still going to be knocking around.

You can read more here.


  1. Can’t say we’ll miss him. He’s really not that funny or original anymore. There are better and more edgy comics working the clubs, because they still have the ‘hunger’.

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