Rumour: Jessica Mauboy keen for X Factor role

2013-09-12_2332We’re already in rumour-mode for 2014 talent shows.

Jessica Mauboy is believed to be keen to join the judging panel on The X Factor in 2014.

The Sunday Telegraph suggests Seven executives are keen to have the her involved in some way, but that Natalie Bassingthwaighte,Redfoo, Dannii Minogue and Ronan Keating are expected to return.

“There’s nothing to say Jess can’t come in as a fifth judge, it’s just a matter of getting that approved from Simon Cowell’s camp overseas, as they own the rights,” says a production source.

“Executives are really impressed by Jess and they’d love to have her involved in some way, it’s just a matter of how to fit her in,” says another well-placed source.

Mauboy was famously a runner up on Australian Idol, defeated by Damien Leith in 2006.

But it strikes me that Mauboy would be excellent for The Voice Kids, along with other youthful entertainers such as Ricki-Lee and Anthony Callea. Tina Arena may have briefly returned to Young Talent Time, but she’s another name who would be perfect (NB: Mel B’s name has already been rumoured here).

Meanwhile, Seal is not expected to return as a coach on The Voice. Any chance of Keith Urban returning? He’s back on American Idol.


  1. What an awful choice for a judge, Jessica would be. She seems a little emty headed to me. Remember she was the one who incorrectly pronounced “Debut” at an awards show.

  2. I think being a proper judge with gravitas requires some seniority that Jess doesn’t have at this (relatively) early stage of her career. That said, she has a helluva lot more talent than Redfoo so if he can do it, she’s overqualified.

  3. Maxxdude, Guy is a snore, he is as dull as, so I can’t see him on The Voice. The X Factor definitely does not need a fifth judge and if Ronan leaves I am sure they will replace him with a male artist

  4. Think Jessica would be more suitable to the voice kids, but don’t know how well that programme will do, kids shows have been tried before with cooking and they turned out to be flops, can imagine lots of crying from youngsters, Think Tina would be better in X factor than Nat, she’s the worst judge on X-factor, so over the top at time.

  5. italianguy1987

    i don’t think you need to be mean to be a judge on x factor. the fact that jess is so sweet and nice is a bonus.

    jess would be a fantastic mentor as she has been through the entire world of reality tv and come out the other side of it better, stronger and still popular today.

    if she was a fifth judge on the show the groups could be –

    14-18 mixed
    18-24 boys
    18-24 girls
    over 24s

    that would be really good

  6. Wasn’t she involved with the Voice last year I think the Voice would want to hang on to her would be awesome if she could replace Delta or have her on board as a judge

  7. Jess would be a fantastic judge if you ask me but don’t give us a fifth judge. That would be horrible to think of. 5 categories? It just would be way too much and Seven don’t go screwing with the perfect formula which is working so well for you.

  8. Wow Ronan is rumoured to be returning? I figured Seven would throw more money at him to get him to stay. He’s the closest thing thing to a “mean judge” they have right now.

    But he practically delivered his own eulogy in the last two shows. In another observation, with The X Factor now a bonafide monster hit, I think its time The Xtra Factor came back.

  9. The voice kids really needs a mega vicious judge if I am to ever watch.

    Tina arenas guest mentor episode on TXF this year seemed very job-interview like with lots of praise for the x factor brand.

  10. X factor already runs way overtime so imagine what would happen with 5 judges & 5 teams of contestants…It would be 4 hours long…Ugh.
    Yes Jess would be great on The Voice Kids.
    I suggest Guy Sebastian to replace Seal on The Voice. Keith will be deep into American Idol when The Voice films.

  11. As a judge I don’t think she’s the right fit for X Factor. As one of those social media correspondence (like Fuzzy on The Voice) maybe.

    The suggestion for The Voice Kids sounds more suitable though.

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