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2013-12-15_0030The Network on SBS tells the story of Afghanistan’s first independent television network TOLO TV and the Australian Afghan family behind it.

It’s produced by Eva Orner, who won an Oscar for Taxi to the Dark Side.

In 2002, Kabul was emerging from five years of Taliban terror. It was a city in ruins cast back in time hundreds of years. Under the Taliban, all forms of media except the state-run radio station had been outlawed and public executions had become one of the few forms of entertainment.

With unprecedented access, Australian Academy Award winning producer, Eva Orner, reveals the inspiring story of the Mohseni family, brothers Saad, Jahid, Zaid and sister Wajma, as they return to Afghanistan from Australia to help rebuild their country. They knew nothing about the media, but they know about running a successful business and are passionate about giving the Afghan people a voice that had been taken away from them for so long.

TOLO TV has grown to be Afghanistan’s largest and most successful television networks employing over 800 Afghans producing news, current affairs, drama, comedy, music, and lifestyle programs. However as the country faces the impending withdrawal of foreign troops, and with security rapidly deteriorating, the team behind TOLO TV are set to face their biggest challenge yet.

Tuesday, 17 December at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

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