Fat Tony steps out

2014-01-24_0049There was something slightly ironic in staging  Fat Tony and Co‘s first media screening at Crown Complex last night, but the only sign of dead gangsters and fast money was on the Village Cinemas screen.

The cast of the upcoming drama joined Nine execs and media for the 90 minute opening episode.

It was a hirsute Robert Mammone (Tony Mokbel) who joined Vince Colosimo, Madeleine West, Gyton Grantley, Shane Jacobson, Debra Byrne, Richard Cawthorne, Hollie Andrew, Steve Bastoni, Jeremy Kewley, Gerard Kennedy and Frank Sweet.

Also in attendance were Nine Drama execs Andy Ryan and Jo Rooney, Screentime’s Bob Campbell and producer Elisa Argenzio.

The 9 part drama, which revisits a number of characters from the original Underbelly series, portrays Tony Mokbel’s war with the infamous ‘Carlton Crew,’ all the way to his capture in Greece.

Argenzio told the invited crowd about filming in Greece with 3 actors, key Aussie creatives and the best local crew in Athens, with car chases, motorbikes and working under Greece’s well-documented austerity measures. But audiences will have to wait for later episodes to see those play out.

In between the obligatory nipple count were solid performances by Mammone, Richard Cawthorne and Gary Sweet’s son, Frank. Robert Mammone and Gyton Grantley had piled on the weight for their roles, but had shed vast amounts after filming.

And watch out for Heidi Arena as former Victorian top cop, Christine Nixon.

Fat Tony & Co. airs soon on Nine.

Photo: Les O'Rourke


  1. carolemorrissey

    I was wondering when I saw the name Frank Sweet if he was related to Gary. That should be interesing.

    I seem to be the only one who still likes the Underbelly series. Really looking forward to this.

  2. harrypotter1994

    As previously mentioned on the site this is why it is no longer branded with Underbelly

    “No longer branded as Underbelly due to changes in funding with Screen Australia, this will air in 2014.”

  3. Wow, another bogan crime caper soap opera. Just what Australian TV needs right now. Didn’t they already scrape the bottom of the barrel with Squizzy?

  4. Will Tony’s one-time TV presenter girlfriend play a cameo role? (No name to protect the innocent and gullible).
    So Sid really didn’t leave Summer Bay to join the RFDS?

  5. Wasn’t this one meant to be branded as an Underbelly? But they changed it after the bad reaction to the last one?

    It does look pretty cool though.

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