My Kitchen Rules the ratings with best-ever launch

Ep 1 NSW Annie & JasonWe’re still two weeks away from the start of official ratings, but Seven’s My Kitchen Rules has just thrown down the gauntlet with its best ever premiere with a whopping 1.67m viewers last night.

Seven dominated a three-way Reality tussle with The Block (1.14m) and The Biggest Loser (560,000). So competitive was the timeslot that Nine trimmed A Current Affair to have The Block launch at 7:29pm, while Seven had a ticking clock watermark throughout its soap -looks like Programmers are back from holidays.

Seven Programmer Angus Ross is elated with the numbers.

“This result has exceeded our expectations. The show is beautifully produced, Brad and his team have excelled again,” he told TV Tonight.

MKR is our own format and our philosophy to keep developing the story content, is working very well.”

In the one-hour news dance Nine won the first half hour (1.33m) but Seven took out the second (1.25m) and Home and Away‘s return was strong at 1.22m. Hot Seat (752,000) thumped Simon Reeve’s debut on Million Dollar Minute (492,000).

It wasn’t the only good news for Seven, either. Sunrise‘s cruise liner broadcast averaged 338,000 and pushed Today all the way down to 200,000. ABC News Breakfast‘s new-look set netted 72,000 / 48,000 and Wake Up was 22,000. But it should be noted public holidays and events send figures into all kinds of flurry.

You can check out Sunrise‘s own tribute to The Love Boat here.

Seven won the summer ratings night.

Full ratings reports resume with the official OzTAM survey.


  1. I agree with other comments, I feel like I have seen it all before , there is not enough variety, watched the first ep cause i like cheese both the food group and the over dramatic statements and commentary. I feel there needs to be a darmatic shake up or something different to make it interesting, food trucks I do not think will cut it.

  2. cynical old codger

    @catheine & @David Knox 7-26
    Remember this is from Network 7, the masters of deceptive mind games, that most times nearly borders on nothing but contempt towards viewers, and who probably pay Behavioural Psychoanalysts nearly as much as the CEO, and if not they should…Sadly again with Network 7 and their stable of right wing guests,some hosts and some presenters(but in fairness, some may have been given an offer they they cannot refuse, where body language tells the true message}, where if one cares, more can be learnt(eventually) from what has not been said??.
    So once again we will ‘Eventually’ find out if there is in fact a twist in the plot, or as I did, read it both ways as a twist, or if Manu meant , that after receiving a low ‘3’ from him, they next received a lower ‘1’ from him? . But this is ‘7’ who let Kochie claim the ‘ LoooVe Boat’ was in the Mid Pacific…

  3. I’m totally over MKR. This season is more of what I hated from the last one. A shame coz the first couple were really good. I’ll stick with Biggest Loser.

  4. Oh dear, I don’t think I’m going to last long with MKR, same old, same old. All carefully categorised into 1. Bitchy 2.Counter-bitchy eye-rollers. 3. Just plain annoying. 4. Bland.

    The Canberra guy last night was a full on 3. What a pain, just trying too hard to be funny. The WA girls are this season’s ones to hate, which means they’ll last to the finals.

    We’ve seen it all before, nothing new so far. And I think they need new judges, those two are really dreary, barely an ounce of personality between them.

    All that was missing were the activated almonds.

  5. im confused because Pete and Manu said last night there were no 2nd chances and boths teams with the lowest score will be eliminated.

    But reading tv week last week Manu said we had a team get the lowest score and when they had a 2nd chance they did even worse.

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