TV Tonight Awards 2013: The Losers

Readers vote Celebrity Splash as the Worst Show and Biggest Blunder of 2013.

Celebrity Splash Heat 2 - final 4 001_RTV Tonight readers have branded Celebrity Splash as the Worst Aussie Show of 2013.

The short-lived Seven series, which was marred by injuries, cast members quitting and an abandoned semi-final, was far and away the readers’ choice for the title. It was also voted the Biggest Blunder of 2013, just pipping “Network TEN performance” in what emerged as a two-horse race in its category.

It was bad news for Nine in the International Worst Show category. Rebel Wilson’s US sitcom Super Fun Night took line honours, while all three runners-up also screen on Nine.

Nine’s Karl Stefanovic and Kyle Sandilands tied for Worst Male Performer amongst a group of polarising men. For the first time Sonia Kruger was voted Worst Female (did not see this one coming!) despite Big Brother being voted Best Australian Reality series.

But while Stefanovic and Sandilands topped the Worst Male, both were pipped at the post in Most Overexposed Performer, as Seven’s Grant Denyer topped the list by a big margin. Last year Denyer hosted both SlideShow and Million Dollar Minute before quitting the latter, citing its “gruelling” production schedule.

TV Tonight Awards 2013: The Winners

There were over 700 surveys completed this year. Here are the latest results:

* denotes runaway winner

Worst Show (Aussie): CELEBRITY SPLASH * (Seven)
Big Brother
Wake Up
The Bachelor
(2012: The Shire)


Worst Show (International): SUPER FUN NIGHT (Nine)
Two and a Half Men
Two Broke Girls
(2012: Two and a Half Men)

Biggest Blunder Of The Year: CELEBRITY SPLASH (Seven)
Network TEN performance
Wake Up
Miley Cyrus at the MTV Awards
(2012: TEN flops: Everybody Dance Now, The Shire, I Will Survive)

bb-karl-stefanovic 2013-10-14_1409

Grant Denyer
David Koch
Eddie McGuire
(2012: Kyle Sandilands)

Sonia Kruger

Worst Female: SONIA KRUGER (Nine)
Melissa Doyle
Shelley Craft
Natasha Exelby / Lisa Wilkinson
(2012: Lara Bingle)


Most Overexposed Performer: GRANT DENYER * (Seven)
Karl Stefanovic
Kyle Sandilands
Eddie McGuire
(2012: Karl Stefanovic)

On a brighter note, there were outstanding results for TV Tonight:

40% of readers visit the site More than Once a Day and 34% visit Once a Day -that’s 74% of you here every day or more.

59% of readers voted the site as ‘Excellent’ and 33% ‘Very Good’ -a total of 92%. With over 700 votes, not one person voted ‘Disappointing.’

Thanks to everybody who participated.

25 Responses

  1. How did big brother win the best australian reality and come second in the worst australian show. I don’t get it big brother is a great show and I enjoy watching it every night.

  2. I read an interview with Denise Drysdale and she said it wasn’t explained to her exactly what the show was, she assumed it would be swimming. If I was a celebrity and offered any type of reality show, I would be asking a million questions before I agreed to it. I am a big wuss. I’m scared of heights and a fussy eater.

  3. I understand why Celebrity Splash won, but for The Mole to not even finish in the top five? And for Shelley Craft to not place in the ‘Most Overexposed’ category? Utterly bizarre results this year.

  4. Can we have a highlight in an otherwise lowlight?

    Celebrity Splash was awful, but Nick Bracks in speedos? Hot!

    We recorded it and fast forwarded through most of it only to watch the actual dives.

    It might have helped if more celebrities were any good/game. Denise Drysdale chickened out once she had her paycheck and said “I’m too old for this crap”.

    1. Not sure it’s that simplistic. Denise has worked for decades and doesn’t strike me as the type to take the money and run. We don’t know for instance what her doctor’s advice was, or whether everything was explained fully. Benefit of doubt methinks. No argument on UnderBracks.

  5. Worst females I don’t like on TV
    1. Natasha Exelby – after dumped from Wake Up
    2. Chrissie Swan – making poor comments on Can of Worms
    3. Asher Keddie – too exposed
    4. Mia Freedman – waffles on The Project
    5. Mel Brown – blocked from AGT, The Project

  6. I’m surprised Dave Hughes didn’t get a gong for Most Overexposed. He was more everywhere than Eddie – and will probably barely be seen this year. A wise move on his part, methinks.

  7. Wow, I’m quite shocked by some of these results. I know I’m in the minority here, but I like Karl, I think he is funny at times and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I know he’s not liked here with a lot of people always bagging him out. Kyle I am not surprised at. But I am shocked at Sonia, Lisa & Melissa Doyle being on the list. And I too like Super Fun Night. Celebrity Splash doesn’t surprise me.

  8. Worst Female: Sonia Kruger (Nine)
    Melissa Doyle
    Shelley Craft
    Natasha Exelby / Lisa Wilkinson

    Really these are great women well I dont to much about Natasha, but Sonia Kruger is a big surprise. I mean to go from Lara Bingle to Sonia is a massive difference. Im surprised Brynne, isnt on there

    The males are always the same on the worst list.

  9. Sonia does not deserve to be on the worst list (she was much better this year then last) and neither does BB. Seems odd that BB can be best reality yet be the worst show. Super fun night is not that bad either. And I’m sorry but 2 Broke Girls being on the worst list? No. TBBT should be on that list.

  10. Celebrity splash rated 824k when is was branded ‘blunder of the year’ and shafted in the schedule. Nothing ten aired across the entire year averaged better than that. If CS is the worst 7 have done id say they would take that as a compliment.

  11. What Sonia got worst female!
    I didn’t like her on the 2012 season of BB, but this year she has improved so much. Yes she will never be better than Gretel. However this year she had a few funny moments and her interview with the evicted housemates improved a lot.
    I do not watch breakfast/morning TV so I have no idea how she is on that show, maybe she is really annoying on mornings and that is why she got voted worst female or some people on here just hate BB so much that they vote Sonia as worst female because of their dislike of BB. Thankfully BB has more fans on here than haters and that must be why they won best Aussie reality show

    1. BB does polarise audiences. It won Best Reality but there are plenty who are tired of Reality, so unfortunately Sonia copped the brunt of their emotion. While we look back on Gretel Killeen as a good host, I still recall many dissing her at the time too, because they didn’t care for the show.

  12. Celebrity Splash and Big Brother were the worst shows to produce. What is wrong with these shows nowadays? Celebrity Splash’s ratings had started from 1.388 million and continues to decline as the show goes on. Whereas Big Brother ratings average has dropped from last year’s show. Big Brother has been beaten by The X Factor on Mondays.
    If Big Brother on Nine continues to struggle with ratings this year, then it will turn into a terrible show and might be at risk of getting the axe.

  13. Super Fun Night really isn’t a terrible show, and certainly not the worst when the competition includes the lame humour and astonishing racial stereotyping seen on 2 Broke Girls.

    Is Super Fun Night perhaps a victim of Australian ‘tall poppy syndrome’?

  14. Why does Melissa Doyle continue to get on worst female lists? Is being nice a crime these days?

    @Harry It was from a international format. Originally started in a European Country

    1. In my experience breakfast TV personalities tend to polarise and get a reaction, whether male or female. They are on air so long, giving their opinions. There are a number listed here on several networks.

  15. Not surprised that Sonia Kruger topped the list but am surprised Melissa Doyle and Lisa Wilkinson are there. Perhaps Lisa is tainted by association with Karl Stefanovic. I can see why Ten dumped Natasha Exelby from Wake Up now.

  16. Nine nabe their fair share of polarising personalities, don’t they? I agree with all of the ‘winners’ here. Now, Shelley Craft for worst female this year.

  17. I heard that Channel 9’s NRL Grand final Coverage was another blunder when Melbourne and Perth viewers did not see the presentations. Channel 9 may have a mistake last October.

  18. Totally agree, Splash was by far the worst production last year. Was it produced internally by Seven? If it was a production company, they should never be given another show to produce, useless!

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