Airdate: Janet King

2014-02-03_1808ABC1 has announced an airdate for Janet King, the spin-off from its legal series, Crownies.

The series changes focus from its predecessor, putting Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) at the centre of its universe, with a number of returning cast members.

It will air on Thursday nights later this month.

Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) returns from a year’s maternity leave determined to prove she still has her edge, but finds a very different Department of Public Prosecutions. Under growing political pressure, director Tony Gillies (Peter Kowitz) has formed an uneasy alliance with his police counterpart, Chief Superintendent Jack Rizzoli (Vince Colosimo), and Janet’s pre-eminence as Senior Crown Prosecutor is threatened by rising star Owen Ramsey (Damian Walshe-Howling), a former police prosecutor, willing to cut corners to win high-profile cases.

When Janet falters in her first case against sexual predator, Alex Mareno, (Darren Gilshenan), she pulls out all stops to convict high ranking police officer, Steven Blakely (John Howard), for the assisted suicide of his terminally ill wife.

When the case against Blakely escalates into a terrible murder, Janet, her DPP solicitors and the police are propelled into a series of investigations and court actions that, week by week, reveal a complex web of corruption and conspiracy until the first two seemingly unconnected cases collide in a shocking reveal that shakes the police, judiciary and the government to their core.

Under intense scrutiny from Jack Rizzoli and his political masters and with the traditional institutions of justice compromised, prosecuting the case becomes a dangerous battle of strategy and betrayal where no one can be trusted and no tactic is off limits.

Finding the truth will threaten Janet’s career, her young family, and ultimately her life.

Also starring Ella Scott Lynch, Hamish Michael, Andrea Demetriades, Christopher Morris, Jeanette Cronin, Indiana Evans, Lewis Fitzgerald and Aimee Pedersen.

Guest stars: Terry Serio, Deborah Kennedy, Harriet Dyer, and Akos Armont.

Thursday February 27 at 8.30pm ABC1.


  1. Crownies was brilliant. It was a shame the ratings were not as positive as they cold have been. I am looking forward to this series as it is bold and different from many shows on at the moment.

  2. I hope it works out and finds an audience that appreciates it. Would it be naughty of me to admit Perry Mason ruined lawyer shows for me. I just loved it so much. I remember taping it on 7 at 2pm weekdays when I was at school last century.

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