Bumped: Young Lazy & Driving us Crazy, Chicago Fire, Agents of SHIELD, Defiance

Plenty of changes have come through today from Seven programming.

younglazycrazyPlenty of changes have come through today from Seven programming.

Next Thursday a number of shows have been pushed back.

Thursday February 20
8pm Dynamo: Magician Impossible rpt
9pm Tricked
10pm Young Lazy & Driving us Crazy
11pm Botched Up Bodies

Travel Unravelled and Parks & Recreation are out.

A week later it changes again.

Thursday February 27
8pm Border Security
8:30pm Anh Does Scandinavia
9:30pm Tricked
10:30pm Young Lazy & Driving us Crazy
11:30pm Parks And Recreation

Meanwhile there are other changes for the week after next too:

Monday February 24
8:45pm Revenge dbl ep
10:45pm How I Met Your Mother dbl rpt
11:45pm Parks And Recreation

Chicago Fire moves to Wednesdays from February 26
9:45pm Chicago Fire
10:45pm Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
11:45pm Defiance

Olivia Lee: Dirty, Sexy, Funny and Celebrity Juice are out.


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  1. The Thursday changes were obvious. They are awful shows and are not going to get better ratings and were thumped by Nine. I would have though new episodes of Bones, but they are probably worried about putting too much drama on at the moment.

    AOS getting bumped is also not unexpected.

    Revenge and Chicago Fire double eps was always an odd pairing and I expected Chicago Fire to get bumped or moved after Sochi.

    Double episodes of Revenge will cost them some viewers for the show. But they have saved up eps and have 22 to play with. If they are winding up the Grayson story then getting Emily shot and catch-up up before the US final in the US might be smart.

    With Scandal bumped to Tuesday and CF bumped to Wednesday they not have many other options.

  2. Thats insane! How many changes are they going to make – ok the Thurs night schedule may make sense but Wednesdays were doing okThats insane! How many changes are they going to make – ok the Thurs night schedule may make sense but Wednesdays were doing ok

  3. Hey

    As you can see from this story Monday Feb 24th is double Revenge and then double repeat of How I Met Your Mother. However, the following week Monday 3rd March it will be:

    9pm Revenge (single episode)
    10pm How I Met Your Mother (new episode)
    10:30 HIMYM (repeats)

  4. I watched Botched Up Bodies this morning on the PVR and it was so infuriating. It was full of idiots who did not research anything about their desired cosmetic surgery and even were stupid enough to go overseas because it was cheaper. It was their own fault that these things happen. Will not watch again. I feel almost as stupid as the people on the show for watching it.

  5. Surely HIMYM: final episodes would be a better fit into that thurs lineup than border security. It leads out of a similar audience soap, and into another comedy. Coast watch flopped there BS is not dissimilar and will probably rate the same.

  6. Wow, Seven acts swiftly when a program doesn’t meet expectations doesn’t it!

    Am annoyed they are stuffing around with Parks & Rec again … we finally got new episodes again and chasing it around Seven’s schedule takes a lot of work!

    But I’ll happily take double eps of Revenge anytime.

  7. I don’t understand why they hold off Revenge for several months only to burn it off in double episodes. Chicago Fire seems like a good fit for Wednesdays with The Blacklist. As for Thursdays, have they learned nothing from last year with all the trashy shows?

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