INXS a ratings sensation, as Seven thumps Schapelle telemovie.

Ratings: INXS lands a rockstar 1.97m, leaving Schapelle with 1.02m viewers -and it's bad news for TEN's Dance.

2014-02-10_0937The numbers are in.

INXS has thumped Schapelle.

Seven’s miniseries scored an excellent 1.97m viewers last night, well in front of Nine’s Schapelle telemovie on 1.02m viewers. While INXS managed #1 ranking for the night, Schapelle had to settle for #7, outrated by other titles including Sunday Night, Seven and Nine News and The Block.

Seven won the night with a 37.6% share over Nine’s 27.0%. TEN was 20.5%, ABC 11.9% and SBS 3.1%.

The ratings battle left others in its wake. ABC drama Rake was pushed down to 645,000 viewers.

TEN’s rebooted Reality series So You Think You Can Dance Australia was rejected at just 466,000 viewers, thrashed by My Kitchen Rules (1.64m) and The Block (1.27m). But TEN did have better fortunes with its Sochi coverage.

The rest of the ratings results are:

Seven scored with Sunday Night (1.8m), Seven News (1.29m) and Tricked (433,000).

Nine News was 1.22m for Nine then 60 Minutes (866,000) and Bali: The Dark Side of Paradise (600,000).

A single Winter Olympics event, the Women’s Snowboard Slopefest final, pulled 996,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 587,000.  Other Sochi coverage was 454,000 for evening and 440,000 for afternoon.

ABC News (790,000) was best for ABC1 then David Attenborough: Rise of the Animals (752,000).

On SBS ONE it was World News Australia (202,000) and Archeology: A Secret History (200,000).

Much of ONE’s Sochi coverage eclipsed the audience on TEN with early evening (494,000) and afternoon (492,000). The channel did well at a 7.2% share.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 February 2014

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  1. Nine got what they deserved with Schapelle. They would have won Monday had they left it in its original timeslot, but now I think the night will go to Seven.

    As for Ten, serves them right for putting Dance up against The Block and MKR. It should really be in a quieter Wednesday or Thursday night slot where people might actually notice it. It worked for The Bachelor last year.

  2. Australian TV is getting sadder and sadder. I am not a fan of Rake but I have to say this was the only choice for anyone with any taste for quality TV last night. Shapelle and INXS were never going to be world beaters. And SYTYCD was just a woeful choice for that timeslot. Should have put Elementary on instead.

  3. The Age are reporting CH7 is paying three million dollars for the exclusive Schapelle interview!

    Seems rather excessive to say the least, unless she surprises everyone and says ‘Yeah, I did it’.

  4. Gonzo, sure Shine are new at the game, and agree INXS lacked storytelling vigour, but so did Shapelle. Fremantle drama also lacks story ability – had lots of flops – Wonderland, Mr & Mrs arguably Better Man.

  5. I hear ten are making changes…. after last nights Dance premier performing poorly.

    It’s going to be renamed.

    So You Think You Can Rate.

    Sorry – Could not resist.

    Let’s hope ratings improve…..But you would kinda think it needs to be moved away from MKR so the reality lovers have reality every night of the week.

  6. INXS held up to the likes of The Slap, Puberty Blues and, well, maybe Rake, kind of highlighted Shine’s inexperience in producing drama in Australia. Seven can market a bar code well enough to rate over 1.5 mil.

  7. I was expecting so much more form INXS. It turned out so hokey. A real let down.

    I think Nine knew Schapelle was a shocker, so they used it to take a little wind out of INXS which I think a few people thought would get over 2.5mil making it the most watched drama to date. Mission accomplished maybe?

    Rake held up remarkably well..

  8. What a filthy awful, disgusting piece of pornographic tabloid trash! How low can Seven go for the sake of profits and ratings! It was so visually lewd and disgusting and really it ruined the spirit of the history of one of Australia’s greatest pop groups. How many people have to innocently put up with so many shameful topless and naked scenes (and foul language) in films like this before Daina Reid is satisfied?

  9. The problem with SYTYCD is that is has a limited audience demographic. It usually attracts younger viewers and females. Ten should have brought back Australian Idol and aired in this quarter, get the jump on The Voice and offer a point of difference to 7 and 9, whilst having a show that appeals to a wide demographic. I am sure it was thought about and looked at, but for whatever reason they thought Dance would be the best bet at success against MKR and The Block… which is isn’t!

    In saying that, I enjoyed Dance and will be watching it.

  10. I thought i would give TEN a go last night and put my other 9 and 7 shows on record.

    I saw the ad’s for the first 60 seconds of So you think you can dance….after 3 minutes i was waiting for the amazing minute so turned off and vowed never to give it another chance. Also reminded me why it doesnt rate it has no broad appeal…

    Must give mention to Roy n HG …good last night.

  11. Yes that headline is great news. Such bastadry in programming moves should not be rewarded. Hopefully that will be a lesson to nine. I watched INXS and recoded Schapelle, will watch it tonight as originally intended.

  12. There is always the chance that Seven or Ten would have bought an exclusive interview with the Corbys and shown it at 8:30pm against Schapelle.

    And also a slim chance that Bonella might have got her injunction (part of the reason there were no preview tapes) to get back at Nine for not optioning her book or sticking to the she was framed conspiracy theory.

    The Expendable Project was also trying to get an injunction and has been trying to stop the TVM since it was announced.

    Showing and old movie Nine would have started the ratings with a 400k Sunday night and INXS would have got over 2m.

  13. Nine are hoping that people are turned off by the double episode of Revenge tonight, and decide to watch Love Child next week. Clever move by them to delay Love Child by a week.

    (Our house hold is looking forward to Love Child. We’ve already seen Revenge from other sources)

  14. Nine shouldn’t have changed it last minute.
    And shouldn’t have advertised it for 8:30 and then proceeded to show it at 8:50. None of the shows before it were live (allowing for overrun), so there’s no excuse for a 20minute delay. They deserved to lose viewers.

  15. There’s a huge percentage of the audience that looks to be surprised and entertained. The INXS telemovie did this (lots of stuff we didn’t know we learnt last night) whereas we pretty much know it all about the whys and wherefores of Shapelle and her story. As per Packer mini-series, Nine could do well with taking a break from real life stories that aren’t particular dramatic.

  16. The INXS and Corby dramas suffered from the same problem. Their is a big difference between representation and dramatization. Both were uneven and at times just plain dull. Dramatizing rock n roll is probably the hardest of them all. But Seven will be happy, Nine scrambling for excuses and Ten executives would have been wise to not go in this morning. Would be good if the Sochi coverage doesn’t go to ad breaks in the middle of events so you miss start of events as happened in the skating. If it continues they’ll shed viewers.

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