Judy Davis exits 24 reboot

2014-02-06_0036With such a strong cast having been announced it’s disappointing to hear that Judy Davis is no longer part of 24: Live Another Day.

Alas, Deadline reports she has withdrawn due to personal reasons.

Davis was set to play the villainous character of Margot, a British national and the widow of a notorious terrorist.

Producers are expected to find a replacement quickly with no impact on production.

The series is currently filming and due to premiere in the US in May.


  1. Go jack Boure!

    I believe Judy davis is married to colin friels who is also an australian scotish born actor.

    its exciting to see that there is going to be new 24 episodes.

    Old episodes of 24 where so well received that I’m sure that this new season of 24 willl have similar numbers !

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