No contest as Seven’s Sunday sizzles

Ratings: Last night everything went Seven's way with a whopping 41.9% network share.

2014-02-17_1007Last night everything went Seven’s way big time.

Not only did it win from 6pm onwards, led by My Kitchen Rules on 1.86m, but its network share was a whopping 41.9%.

It dwarfed Nine’s 24.4%, with TEN on 17.6%, ABC on a mere 12.7% and SBS on just 3.4%.

Following MKR were INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (1.77m), Sunday Night (1.68m), Seven News (1.34m) and Tricked (330,000 in 4 cities).

It wasn’t all bad news for Nine with The Block attracting its best figures this season on 1.36m. Next were Nine News (1.14m), but 60 Minutes was thumped (858,000) and Mayday Mayday: Terror on QF32 landed on 586,000.

A Women’s Snowboard Cross Final was best for TEN at 825,000 in 4 cities. Next were TEN Eyewitness News (482,000), Sochi Winter Olympics (424,000 / 391,000) and lastly the troubled So You Think You Can Dance Australia (313,000). The latter is losing ground with every episode and was so low TEN couldn’t even find the space to mention it in their ratings wrap to media this morning. Ouch.

Rake improved on its season premiere, lifting to 739,000 viewers for ABC1. It was followed by David Attenborough’s: Rise of Animals (716,000), ABC News (681,000)and Golf: Women’s Australian Open (318,000).

On SBS ONE it was Archaeology: A Secret History (230,000), SBS World News (218,000) and Blackout (72,000).

Sochi Winter Olympics was best on ONE at 391,000 and a good 6% share.

Insiders: 184,00 / 90,000 / 28,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 16 February 2014

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  1. @David. Yeah dance in first few seasons was 7.30 sundays so I don’t know why it’s @ 6.30 against 2 big guns. When it comes to the biggest loser it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise if the biggest loser was stripped to 30 min episodes during the week @ 7pm it wouldn’t go against the block or mkr. We can all just hope ten moves on this.

  2. MKR is doing so well and have to admit Sunday Night has great stories, they don’t have it all year like 60 minutes (which gets boring) but the stories they have are very well produced. Channel 7 deserve all the praise as they seem to find well balanced shows for all people and keep them going just long enough as to not get sick of them. Would love to see 10 have a turn around and start doing well, that would be great.

  3. Seven the best local drama ?? Are you kidding me? That INXS thing looked like a cross between a movie of the week and Home & Away with a bunch on no-name actors. Nine and the ABC have always made the best drama. Cheque book journalism is not current affairs it should be rebranded as ‘infotainment’.

  4. @Guy, agree with you about Sunday Night, it is a class offering. I cannot recall one episode of that show that I’ve watched that I have not enjoyed.

    @Ronnie, yep, spot on, Nine’s cupboard is bare. There is only so many times you can go to The Big Bang Theory well, after all. Their drama offerings have been poor for a number of years now and Love Child looks very sudsy and melodramatic to me, though it may rate well. Seven absolutely canes them when it comes to drama programming.

  5. Australian audiences can now watch the best drama from around the world during the “golden age” of TV drama and this inevitably raises expectations of the domestic offering. I am disappointed with some Australian drama for this reason however I believe with every fibre of my being we have the talent at every level to step up but the risk aversion and lack of leadership at the networks is demoralising. I don’t think I am alone in feeling this way or that it’s a particularly controversial view.

  6. Another amazing night for Channel Seven. The INXS telemovie was great and MKR is continuing to do very well. Was so glad Jess left last night but i was personally hoping it was David and Corrine. Lets hope they get whats coming to them in the coming week.

    Sunday Night continues to prove why its the best current affairs show on the box even with the fact of that Schapelle crap hanging over them. They know how to produce great stories. Last night they had 2 great stories and next week have INXS.

    So You Think You Can Dance is a disaster. Trying to launch it against the megastars of reality in The Block and MKR just won’t work. Sorry TEN. Maybe it will work better on Eleven.

  7. I’m loving SYTYCD. I blame poor marketing – promote the dancers – especially now thre’s a top 20 – not Robbie Williams! And last night there was a lot of lens flare that made watching the dancers quite tricky.

  8. @The Moops My comment was just to highlight the fact that seven/MKR is killing it atm. David is just reporting on the numbers. I would love to see something different soon, but sadly people love watching other people cook and bitch.

  9. Seven is reaping the reward of stable programming, understanding and respecting their audience and investing in content. Nine have under-invested in content for years and now the cupboards are bare. Even though they are compelled to make Australian drama to meet quota obligations they do so begrudgingly, without a real genre head. For this they will be appropriately spanked this year.

    1. Ronnie this goes against public statements by David Gyngell who has said networks have to stand for something with specific reference to Drama. They’re actually investing more in local Drama because their US outputs have been letting them down. Nine has two Drama execs and while it may be a different approach it’s their call. The end product is really what matters and they are having more luck of late than the dismal days of Cops LAC and Tricky Business. Your repeated comments on ABC and Nine heads of Drama sounds like there is something else you are not telling us.

  10. FKlein, what do you suggest David write in the ratings wrap? He is merely reporting what is happening at the moment – MKR is ascendant, simple fact.

    SYTYCD needs to be moved, pronto. It is an excellent show, but it simply cannot rate against MKR and The Block.

  11. @michaelOz – This theory is always pulled out of the box. The mathematics laws of probability play here, just like the two different surveys of ALP/NLP out today have the same results – and they each only surveyed 1,400 voters.3,000 or 3,000,000 – the result would be the same within 2 percent margin of error.
    And actually 520,000 more watched MKR than 7 News.

  12. Come on Ten, move SYTYCD! It’s flailing hardcore, and you cannot pull the series before the live episodes because it’s not only unfair to the contestants, but also when the show has the potential to grow! Remarket the show for the live shows and air them on a Wed/Thurs.

  13. Very disappointing numbers for SYTYCDAU. It’s sad because I’d prefer a reality show that focuses more on talent and less on over-the-top drama. I hope Channel 10 don’t mistreat it any further.

    I’m no programming expert, but I don’t know why they try to put it up against Channel 7 and the unstoppable. MKR is by far not my thing, but clearly I am not *everyone* else in Australia. Surely there are better times they can try to at least give it a chance. I haven’t seen Channel 10 make a good decision in years.

  14. Seven does it yet again! Bet you TEN cancels SYTYCD today! Why pay for live episodes when it is doing these terribly low numbers? It’s not just TEN’s problems, the show is really badly produced, they have every right to be angry with the producers.

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