Rachel Griffiths joins House Husbands

2014-02-05_0031House Husbands has scored a casting coup with Rachel Griffiths joining the cast for 2014.

Griffiths, who most recently appeared in Underground: The Julian Assange Story, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and Camp, will play newcomer Belle who will ruffle feathers within one of the most solid relationships in the series.

“I am really excited. It is a bunch of old friends, so I think we will have a little bit of fun in the playground. I think I did my first professional job with Gary Sweet, an episode of Police Rescue in the early 1990s,” Griffiths said.

Nine’s Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said, “Rachel Griffiths brings Hollywood star power to the already impressive House Husbands lineup. We feel very privileged to be working with such a talented cast.”

Executive Producers David Maher and David Taylor added: “Rachel will certainly add a sparkling dimension to what is shaping up to be our most outstanding series of House Husbands. We are delighted to welcome her to our family.”

Series Three will air later this year.


  1. @ aesthetic We will have to disagree. I think Whote trash is shows like Keeping up with Kardashians, Judge Judy and Pimp my Ride.
    I agree it isn’t high quality drama, but I suppose it was light enough and not hard hitting like Breaking Bad or similar

  2. @ aesthetic I disagree that Brothers and Sisters was white trash! It was a genuinely entertaining drama with excellent scripts and acting.

    Well Done 9 for landing Rachel, not sure if I am convinced to watch it, the break up of the only stable couple (and homosexual) has annoyed me!

  3. @shazz it’s not that her career tanked in America but rather she’s decided to return home to raise her family. She does American projects on occasion but I can see why she would rather work here. She’s made her mark in Hollywood and earned a pretty penny but she’s obviously made a decision to stay in this country. I mean, her son is named Banjo.

    She’s a bit like Judy Davis.

  4. @jennome I don’t think that’s quite fair, if an Aussie actor goes for the role of an American on and American series, they know the drill. Brett Tucker and Jesse Spencer have both had characters re-written to be Australian in US TV series.
    Australian drama, meanwhile, is decidedly foreign accent free.

  5. I think it’s great news, and I love the fact that she’s happy to be in local shows. I doubt she’s that short of offers in the US, and if she is at the moment, so what? She’s been in quite a lot of local shows in recent times.

    She never had a fake American accent in her normal speech, unfortunately that’s a requirement for appearing in US shows, which is ridiculous; except in Brothers & Sister she’s part of an American family. And her accent was very mild. The poor Yanks can’t cope with any other accent other than their own – except if you’re playing a Mexican, Italian, European etc.etc. Too bad if you’re English or Australian, you have to fake it.

  6. I think its great that a person like Rachael will star in one of our Aussie shows. She hasnt forgotten where she has come from.

    So she has gone form working with Rob Lowe and Calista Flockart to Gary Sweet. I bet it is his relationship he breaks up

  7. @shazz – stoop so low? really? House husbands is such a great show.

    @Andrew_83 – she never had a fake American accent.

    I so looking forward to seeing her on House Husbands – by the sounds of things she will be interferring in Gary Sweet & Julia Morris characters relationship… since she mentioned Gary Sweet. I hope thats not the case cos that has already been done.

  8. Is she going to have her fake American accent or has she not lost her Aussie one completely? I guess Tim Campbell and prob others were the casualties for this sign. No doubt she will play a hard nose lawyer trying to split up the family.

  9. God I really feel sorry for her. I had no idea her career had tanked this much. I really liked her in Brothers & Sisters so its such a shame she has to stoop so low.

  10. This is the best news ever, Rachel is one of my favorite actresses for such a long time, loved her in Six Feet Under, Camp and oh so many. Can’t wait to see what her character on HH is going to be like..

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