Renewed: Lost Girl

Canadian sci-fi Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season.

2014-02-28_1214Canadian sci-fi Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season by Showcase, although US broadcaster Syfy is yet to make a decision on it.

The drama follows supernatural seductress Bo (Anna Silk) as a succubus who feeds off sexual energy.

Also returning to the fifth-season cast are Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier.

Canada’s Prodigy Pictures plans to restart production on soon with the fifth season expected to air in the North American fall later this year.

The series has aired in Australia on the former SF and SBS.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Wonderful news. Now can one of the channels in Australia please show S4? I don’t really care which one, although preferably one I can watch it on :P. Pity SBS has to go through the second & third season before it can & Syfy don’t seem to want to air it. I hope they change their mind

  2. Absolutely love this series so this is good news. If I remember correctly it was SF’s highest rating series, which because of they fast-tracked to further increase ratings. Yet despite this Syfy Australia haven’t got any plans to air season 4 because it’s distributed by a company other than NBC. The sooner Syfy get their act together and add more variety the better!

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