TEN expands The Bolt Report

bolt_TEN is expanding The Bolt Report from 30 minutes to one hour while Meet the Press remains on Hiatus.

Bolt will return at 10am Sunday, March 2, with a weekly repeat at 4pm.

Hosted by columnist, Andrew Bolt, the expanded show produced for TEN in partnership with News Corp Australia will include a new News Watch segment which, according to a Press Release, will “put the media under genuine scrutiny.”

TEN Executive General Manager, Russel Howcroft, said: “As The Bolt Report enters its fourth year on TEN, it makes perfect sense to expand the show from 30 minutes to an hour.

“Half an hour was not enough. Expanding The Bolt Report to an hour will give the opportunity for more in-depth and extended interviews and analysis.

The Bolt Report is already one of Australia’s most-watched television programs on politics and the new format will only add to its appeal and influence,” he said.

Andrew Bolt added: “I am delighted to be returning to Network TEN in the expanded one-hour format. I will continue to talk to Australians about the things that matter to them, cutting through the spin without fear or favour. This new format lets me cut through the spin of so much of the media, too.”

It is unclear when long-running political show Meet The Press, which was produced by News Corp last year, will return from Hiatus.


  1. Lol at the people who honestly believe that Bolt is the reason for Tens woes in prime time or generally, what absolute rubbish, was Bolt responsible for Everybody Dance Now?, I will survive? The 2011 news revolution? Absolutely not

    Massively long bow to draw there, plus I’m the opposite, Bolt is one of maybe 2 shows I watch on ten

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