Who won summer ratings?

2014-02-12_0106Seven has won the summer non-ratings period once again, but the gap has closed with Nine.

Sport was the key driver of big events, with the Australian Open, Ashes Series, One Day Cricket and Big Bash League drawing viewers in. My Kitchen Rules, New Year’s Eve and Carols by Candelight were big drawcards.

With Aussies knocked out early in the Australian Open, numbers were softer overall for Seven, but it remained in front. Nine and TEN both lifted compared to 2013 while the public broadcasters lost a little ground.

For the weeks of 49 (2013) – 6 (2014) here is the way the numbers stacked up, with (2013) in brackets for Year on Year comparison.

Seven: 28.7 (30.6)
Nine: 28.4 (26.8)
TEN: 18.5 (17.5)
ABC: 18.5 (18.9)
SBS: 5.8 (6.2)

Primary Channel:
Seven: 21.1 (22.9)
Nine: 20.6 (19.2)
ABC: 13.1 (13.6)
TEN: 12.5 (11.4)
SBS ONE: 4.6 (4.8)

5 City Metro 6pm-Midnight Summer Weeks 49-6. Consolidated (Live + As Live + TSV) data prior to 3/02/2014 and Overnight (Live + As Live) data from 04/02/2014.

Copyright of the Data is owned by OzTAM. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM.


  1. @Bogues/Harry
    And how much more were 7 and 9 forced to bid to keep the rights to the Australian Open and International cricket? That’s all thanks to 10 trying to buy into the market. They got the Big Bash, it held up fairly well (the scheduling of the tournament needs tightening, hopefully Ten can get that sorted). It pulled reasonable numbers for the network IMO.

  2. Channel ten has improved a lot in ratings during the summer season ratings of 2013-14. If Channel ten maintains its improvement in viewers during the ratings season, then they can finish 3rd or even 2nd.

  3. So TEN paid over $20 million to lift their share by only 1% and still only have the same share as ABC and are 10% lower than 9 and 10. The deal of the century, yeah right! Spin us another one! That said, I do feel really sorry for TEN, they are so stuffed, it used to be my favourite channel! Seven wins again!

  4. @jezza. I’m not sure about that. If a 1.1% rise in primary channel figures (11.4 to 12.5%) is more than the cost the network paid for the rights, then it would be considered a success. I doubt that though.

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