Airdate: The Gods of Wheat Street

2014-03-23_1711The next local drama to hit our screens will be ABC1’s new indigenous drama, The Gods of Wheat Street.

Filmed in northern NSW, the 6 part series was created and written by Jon Bell and is produced by Every Cloud Productions (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries).

ABC1 will air this on Saturday nights from early April.

An intimate journey into the lives, hearts and humour of the Freeburns – a modern Aboriginal family of local legends – The Gods of Wheat Street is about letting go of the past, with the aid of a little magic and enough deadpan humour to tackle the future.

During the six-part series, we follow the trials and tribulations of Odin Freeburn and his family as they rise above obstacles that would bring mere mortals to their knees – and get on with the important matters of love, family and football.

Spanning a few hectic days in a fictionalised version of Casino in far northern NSW, the series tells the story of the Freeburn family who are held together by the big heart and relentless tenacity of the eldest brother, Odin, who is also a single dad.

Head of the family before his time, Odin is being pulled in all directions.

As a young boy 20 years ago, Odin promised his dying mother he would keep the family together. Now he has one brother, Ares, in jail; his youngest brother, Tristan, is in love with the daughter of the family’s enemy; his sister, Isolde, is a budding fashion designer desperate to leave the small town and his wife, Jamie, has run away to
Sydney for a better life, leaving him to raise his two daughters, Electra and Athena.

To add to his troubles, Odin’s employer has just died, leaving him with no job and no house; his sister-in-law Libby is in love with him; and the playful spirit of his mother Eden has come back on a mission to protect the destiny of the Freeburn line – and incidentally point out where Odin’s going wrong!

Even Odin has to admit, the fates seem stacked against him – but a promise is a promise and it’s up to him to find the best way forward for the Freeburn clan.

The GODS of Wheat Street boasts a cast of some of Australia’s finest Indigenous actors including Kelton Pell as Odin Freeburn, Ursula Yovich as Eden Freeburn, Lisa Flanagan as Libby Lavelle, Logie Award-winning Shari Sebbens as Isolde Freeburn, Bruce Carter as Ares Freeburn, Mark Coles Smith as Tristan Freeburn, Rarriwuy Hick as Electra Freeburn and Miah Madden as Athena Freeburn.

Saturday April 12 8:30pm ABC1.


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