Returning: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries


Good news for those who petitioned for the return of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with the third series set to unroll on ABC next month.

Due to replace Midsomer Murders from May 8th, guests this season include Grant Piro, Kate Mulvany, Robert Mammone, Rodger Corser, Dan Spielman, Diana Glenn, Philip Quast, Damon Gameau, Arianwen Parkes Lockwood, Colin Moody, Nell Feeney, Michala Banas, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Ella Scott Lynch.

The third Series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries continues the unconventional antics of stylish lady detective, the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, as she solves crimes with the help of her ensemble
of household cohorts and continues her playful partnership with the suave and dedicated, Detective Jack Robinson.

Phryne’s estranged father, Baron Henry George Fisher, arrives unannounced in Australia after selling up the family estate in England and does his best to ingratiate himself with Dot, Bert, Cec and Mr Butler, though his roguish charm is lost on his own daughter. When Phryne recalls a secret encounter she witnessed during the War, between her father and an angry visitor, she begins to suspect that the cousin the Fishers inherited their title from is still alive and could be out to exact his revenge.

8:30pm Friday May 8 ABC.


  1. Another ABC show which is produced in full HD for the UK but we see only a SD version !! They inncur the extra costs of producing an image for Blu Ray discs,costumes,scenary, but even though we taxpayers pay for it they give us locals a low quality transmission. Please explain ?

    • Secret Squïrrel

      If it needs to be explained again, it’s the govt’s fault for not repealing legislation that forces the “main” channel of each network to be in SD.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          It does apply to ABC but they could put whatever they want on 24, just the same as the commercial networks can with their HD channels (but often don’t). However, ABC24 is a dedicated news/current affairs channel so it’s unlikely to show drama repeats.

          Essentially, you are arguing against the existence of ABCNews24

  2. Great. And good to see ABC is sticking with something they do well…rather than the God awful Hiding and pretentious Time Of Our Lives. Go Miss Fisher!

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