Returning: Midsomer Murders

Two new episodes screen next month on ABC.

Two (and only two) new episodes of Midsomer Murders will screen next month on ABC.

While it’s not a great output this is partly due to COVID impacting production in the UK.

S22 Episode 5: “For Death Prepared”
Friday 4th February at 8.30pm
The Midsomer Mummers, an amateur operatic society, are busy rehearsing for their charity concert when the body of an unknown man is found in their theatre. The investigation quickly becomes a race to discover who is desperate to be centre stage.

S 22 Episode 6: “The Witches Of Angel’s Rise”
Friday 11th February at 8.30pm
When a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of a Psychic Fayre, Barnaby must step into the spiritual world to find the killer.

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  1. These are the last two episodes of S22, which started filming in late 2020. S22 started airing in April 2021 and these last 2 episodes aired at Christmas on Acorn US. It looks like the last three are still to air on ITV in the UK. The producers have indicated that ITV will commission a S23, but no word on when production will start yet.

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