Airdate: Midsomer Murders: 25 Years Of Mayhem

A 25th anniversary special exploring the enduring popularity of the UK crime drama.

On Saturday ABC screens Midsomer Murders: 25 Years Of Mayhem.

This screened in the UK last May.

A 25th anniversary special documentary exploring the enduring popularity of this best-loved crime drama. Featuring interviews with cast and crew members including John Nettles.

8:30pm Saturday on ABC.

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  1. I managed to catch this later last night (Sun Feb 25 2024) on the ABC, didn’t realise it was a repeat! So it’s actually from 2022 (maybe even produced in 2021) and aired 12 months ago here! How did I miss that, I feel like I’ve done you a disservice Knoxy/TVT {face palm emoji}. But yeah one of my all-time favourite shows, especially back in the 2000s, used to be addicted. The interviews with the OG (AKA best) with the OG DCI Barnaby (Nettles), Joyce Barnaby (Jane Wymark), Cully Barnaby (Laura Howars) and DS/DI Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey) – he was my personal fave, hilarious and terrible driver, so much fun to watch.

  2. Acorn took over as main funder for first run streaming rights in the UK. With ITV posting or broadcasting episodes when they feel like it. They haven’t shown the end of S22 or S23 yet. At the moment fans in the UK are complaining that repeats of S20, which were airing on ITV over the holidays have been preempted by soccer. The ABC aired the last 2 episodes of S22 a year ago (almost a year after they aired on Acorn in the US), this special was created to air with the episode before those 2.

    1. Why bother with what the fans in UK are complaining about. This going to be on Australian TV, what relevance does it have with Australian viewers when it aired in the UK or the US, there are some of us who enjoy the show and are just glad we are able to watch it.

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