No lift for Dance on Thursdays


2014-03-21_0951Despite moving So You Think Can Dance Australia from Sundays to Thursdays, TEN saw no improvement. In fact it went backwards, dropping from 331,000 to 318,000 viewers.

This underlines the importance of launches and the difficulty of fatigue for the audience from too many commitments. Let me put it in text in mid-March that unless TEN wants MasterChef to extend the pain for another three months it would be well-advised to move the show back to 7pm where there is now no Reality whatsoever.

Nine network won Thursday yet again with a share of 30.7% then Seven 29.3%, ABC 20.25, TEN 15.1% and SBS 4.8%.

The Block topped the night with 1.21m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.08m / 936,000), A Current Affair (845,000), The Footy Show (678,000) and Hot Seat (575,000).

Seven ran a staggered schedule as Adelaide caught up to Revenge. Seven News (1.08m / 839,000) was best followed by Home and Away (728,000) then -in 4 cities- Border Security (723,000) and Air Crash Investigations (675,000). In 5 cities Million Dollar Minute was 463,000 and The Man with the Biggest Testicles (431,000).

ABC News (807,000) topped the night for ABC1 then The Checkout (799,000), 7:30 (761,000), Janet King (740,000), Grand Designs (264,000) and The School (227,000).

TEN’s best was not Dance but TEN Eyewitness News again (565,000) then The Project (467,000 / 303,000), Law and Order: SVU (457,000 / 362,000). The Bold and The Beautiful was 413,000. Languishing behind was So You Think You Can Dance Australia at 318,000.

On SBS ONE it was Gourmet Farmer (205,000) then Exploring China (202,000), Mexican Fiesta (175,000), SBS World News (129,000) and The Escape Artist (116,000).

Ben and Holly again led multichannels at 287,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 20 March 2014.


  1. Does anyone ever question the companies making this shite for the Australian market? What happens when you buy an overseas format and bring overseas producers in to make shows for local audiences? It doesn’t work. Australian’s don’t like dancing or singing or ‘dramality’ or shows about drag queens in primetime. Australian’s are tired of fat people losing weight, tired of pompous people cooking gourmet food and ‘plating it up’ and sexist bachelors looking for love. They are tired of watching semi-professional builders renovating houses, hotels and offices. What ‘rates well’ in England or America doesn’t necessarily work here. We want to be entertained. We want to watch stories about us. We want to learn and be engaged not watching the school’s spectacular in prime time.

  2. No point moving dance to 11 because it’s only 1.5 hrs of tv on ten and ten has problems everywhere so moving it would do no good. As David said 7pm is the key slot and ten seem to have forgotten how powerful it was a few yrs back when reality was stripped 7pm wknights.

  3. @Sammo360

    I’m sure fans would be happy if Neighbours moved back to Ten where they will get more viewers and more recognition (TV Week covers, Logie nominations etc.)

  4. John Jackson

    That’s a bit of a bummer. I did watch it last night after not getting much of a chance previously.

    I used to really be into it in previous years, but it really felt like something was missing this time. Maybe because of Natalie Bassingthwaighte moving on? Not sure.

    I wasn’t overly enthused about the results show being part of the performance show though. Still don’t get how that fully works now, as previously they were split.

    I’ll probably continue to tune in.

  5. I bet Channel 10 can SYTYCD – think of the money they will save not having to pay Paula Abdul’s salary to start with.
    I think 10 would be better to cut their losses – dump the dance show, let Biggest Loser come to an end and not recomission another series next year, and hope like crazy that the likes of Masterchef and The Bachelor after Easter do a little better ratings wise. And they still have Offspring too, which has a sizeable fan following.
    Not all gloom and doom for Ten.

  6. @George 100 – I like RPM and 10 Late News, as they are really good panel and news shows. RPM is the best and I am glad and I hope Ten bring back sport panel shows for sports and Motorsport all in the one program as well

  7. @Cynical – spot on! Fatigue, too is a factor. But fatigue doesn’t explain ratings that are half or a third of what they were the last time the show was moved to Wednesdays/Thursdays. Gilkison’s comments really are the only ones that matter which is a shame as the judges are all accomplished. They just don’t have either the right personality nor the the right chemistry between them. Also – The choice to place them in those seats that look like the ones I used at uni, as opposed to the proper desk used last time and on the US series I think takes away from the image of “authority” the judges need to have to carry the credibility factor. I can’t imagine Bonnie, Jason or Matt sitting in those seats.

    What the show needs right now is some proper controversy. It shouldn’t be artificial though. The dancing is very good but there’s a lack of drama and compelling “sticky content”…

  8. Maybe…just maybe it was not such a good decision by Management to recommission and old format that had already had it “time in the sun”.

    It shall be interesting to watch what new format new Management can commission rather than older formats including Dance, Late Night News, RPM….

  9. @ tyler_durden: well said, plus do not forget that evergreen chestnut that a lot of people in the media and politics roll out “we are the lucky country”

  10. @ randwick – you’re correct. Noticed myself that the ads were weird in it last night.
    I always thought it was supposed to be 21mins of content to 9mins of ads every half hour. 42/18 every hour. But I believe it doesn’t count as “ads” when they’re advertising their own content.
    I find Ch7 are horribly notorious for this. They constantly have 5 or 6 min ad breaks, padded out by advertising their own brand and sponsors in disguise.
    One of the main reasons I watch everything recorded (or at least delayed) these days.

  11. TasTVcameraman

    Launching shows up against each other equals some really good shows miss out because of the LCD factor.

    Shame really because Dance is a good show , well produced, but viewers are not going to come and join a show half way through the season. They might miss something. In fact they have a really good show.

    I hate contrived reality shows but I guess I am in the minority.

  12. The public have spoken! The same public who don’t want same sex marriages and voted in Tony abbot. The same public who think we should spend billions of dollars stopping a few old fishing boats with a a couple of dozen asylum seekers while our hospitals and medical systems are struggling for finance. Thank god I live in this country, where my TV is full of bogans who can’t cook and my hospitals may be rundown but at least I don’t have to compete with an illegal immigrant for jobs I have no interest in having. Yeeeehhhaaa

  13. When SYTYCD first started, I was hooked because the makers did some fabulous reinvention. But the main show is just the same old same old, except the judge’s egos are even more unbearable. We tape this and fast forward through all the ad breaks (which come after every performance), dance preamble and judges comments, except for Jason Gilkison’s. I wish these reality shows would learn that it’s the judges grandstanding that ruins an otherwise down to earth concept.

  14. I still think SYTYCDA should have been broadcast straight after the Grand Prix, but it didn’t happen.

    I have said it before, they need to open up the 7:00 time slot. They need to do it now.

  15. just a side not for ten – during SVU you seemed to have more ads then the program itself – Im convinced there was SVU for only 2 minutes between two 5 minute ad breaks … and most of the ads were for ten programs – you keep this up, not only are you going to lose svu followers, you certainly are going to get a backlash for the programs you are trying to promote ….

  16. If ten put master chef up against seven and nines reality shows at 7:30 then i will loose all sympathy i have for ten while i will still watch master chef because i like it i would have no sympathy for ten because they refused to realise that they just cant win over nine and seven

  17. Just as suspected. It wasn’t the night it was on at all. In fact it did consistently better on Sunday nights. Last night’s numbers an all time low. Remember they tried this in 2010 and the result was a cancellation. But the numbers 4 years ago were double or more what they are now. It’s not the show or the talent. Maybe it’s a little bit because of the lack of chemistry between the new judges. But the main reason is the network it’s on. End of story.

  18. Bring back Neighbours to Ten at 6:00 because it will be a good lead in for The Project at 6:30 (The Project’s 7pm ratings boost is because Neighbours viewers switch over to Ten) and move reality shows back at 7:00.

  19. One more week for Dance on Ten in case there were some who did not know it had moved. Then it can go to Eleven which has kept Thursday nights spare now it has moved Idol to Fridays

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