Renewed: Birds Of A Feather

ITV has renewed comedy series Birds of a Feather following its revival, after a 15 year absence.

2014-03-10_2347ITV has renewed comedy series Birds of a Feather following its revival in the UK.

The series will return for another season of 8 episodes in 2015, its eleventh overall.

The 2014 revival, which followed a 15 year absence of the show, saw original Essex girls Sharon (Pauline Quirke), Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson) and Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph), who reinvented herself as racy novelist Foxy Cohen.

Launching to 9.5 million viewers, it was ITV’s most successful comedy launch in over a decade after the broadcaster has been struggling to establish a comedy hit of late.

“We’re delighted Birds of a Feather was such a success on ITV and really pleased to be asked to write another series”, said co-creator Maurice Gran. “We hope the further adventures of Sharon, Tracey and Dorien will continue to thrill audiences young and old.”

The revival is yet to air in Australia.

Source: TVWise

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  1. This is great news – I really enjoyed the revival. I do hope someone picks it up to be shown here soon, I know a lot of people who loved the original and are really keen to see the new eps. And I agree tomothyd – that accent is awful!!

  2. It wasn’t too bad actually, I quite enjoyed it. They need to replace the woman with thee terrible fake Australian accent. It’s a cross between NZ, South African and Australian with a mix of anything.

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