Renewed: Recipe to Riches

2014-03-31_1626TEN has renewed reality series Recipe to Riches for a second season, to return later this year.

It follows the show’s partner, Woolworths, seeing bumper sales for the products which appeared on the cooking show, despite a mixed response in ratings and reviews.

The FremantleMedia show is now calling for contestants for the second season.

Garth Midgley wowed Australia with his innovative idea, bringing chocolate and popcorn together to create Chocorn, which is due to hit Woolworths shelves permanently at Easter.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have the next original recipe?

It’s time to dig out that family meal that everyone raves about, submit your innovative recipe and turn your home-made meal or snack into a supermarket sensation.

Successful contestants will have the chance to test their product on a grand scale, come up with their own brand name and packaging, and find out what the public really thinks of their product.

Our experts can’t wait to see what recipes Australians are going to bring this time. They are looking for smart and innovative new products that will be available to buy in Woolworths the day after the weekly winner is announced. Applications close at 5.00pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2014.


  1. I thought it was ok. I would dump the grand final based on woolworths sales, it is flawed on so many levels. Just have closed ended episodes, winner each week gets $10k plus profits from their products.

  2. I really like this series so am glad to see it come back. But agree with other comments that there needs to be tweaking in how the winner is decided – chocorn definitely wasn’t the viewers choice.

  3. @randwick
    It’s not like they have anything else to show.

    I predicted last year that it wasn’t coming back based on the poor finale ratings (517k) but if they can even get those numbers this year… I’d call that a win for TEN. It also indicates (to me) TEN have a poor slate this year.

  4. I am flabbergasted. Last year’s winner was decided via some complex formula rather than boxes sold, and I haven’t seen it at Woolies since.

    Effectively the show is just a paid advertising spot for Woolworths so as long as they make money it gets renewed.

  5. So much for the Chocorn being raced into stores from January. Haven’t seen it on the shelves yet. Just before the series aired saw the Cadbury ones, the though of chocolate popcorn didn’t interest me then and doesn’t interest me now.

    I wish they would bring back the croquette’s they were so yum.

  6. “Garth Midgley wowed Australia with his innovative idea, bringing chocolate and popcorn together to create Chocorn,”
    “Innovative”? Don’t think so.
    “Sep 1, 2012 – Cadbury’s Choc Full of Popcorn was released to much excitement amongst food and chocolate reviewers a few months ago.The latest delicious innovation. Perfect to share straight out of the bag!”

  7. @Tomothyd I agree! The prices, put me off buying anything, and a lot of what they had didn’t make me want to rush down to Woolies to buy it.

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