Rove to host SlideShow series in the US

Rove will host the US version of SlideShow, for FOX, to be known as Riot.

rove-mcmRove McManus will host the US version of SlideShow for FOX.

Steve Carell is Executive Producer of the show to be known as Riot.

The game show, which pit two teams improvising on a floor tilted at a 22.5 degree angle, is based on a French format, Vendredi Tout est Permis Avec Arthur.

It aired in Australia on Seven last year, hosted by Grant Denyer.

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  1. I would image they would shoot a series in the US within 2-3 weeks….So Rove could still be here in Oz with the family.

    I miss Rove. Definitely a space for his type of Live tv show on Australian screens.

    Problem is no production company/ station will take the risk.

  2. Why are some people’s comments so bitter! There are some angry, angry people in this world.

    Glad to see Rove getting work in the States. I think the actual sloping floor parts of Slideshow worked well, the in-between stuff not so much. It will be interesting to see if they tinker with the format for the US version.

  3. I’d say he’d be seeing this as a stepping stone to a bigger role on American television rather than the pinnacle of his career. No reason why he can’t keep working in both Australia and America.

  4. Slideshow is an appalling concept. The format and the host are a perfect match.
    It’s a blessing this will not be on our screens – though it may find a home on 10 where ratings count for nothing. I for one think being strapped into a chair to watch this would be akin to the 7th circle of hell.
    I know I am not alone in having a sincere belief that Rove McManus was a blight on our screens. Not funny. Period.

  5. @ David Knox – I meant no disrespect what so ever, and am an avid fan of Rove and all his productions. I realise my wording was poor and I sincerely apologise to Rove, TV Tonight and all readers. My intention was to say that Rove moved to Australia to begin a family, a very responsible and good choice, but then resigning with a US production seems counterproductive. I again apologise for my comments.

  6. What happened to him moving back to Australia to raise his baby and potentially doing a game show for TEN?! Although he’d do a great job and I wish him all the best, it seems really stupid him moving back to Australia only to then move back to the U.S. If he’s back over there he might as well pick Rove LA back up as the only reason it never got renewed was Foxtel’s and Rove’s schedules.

    1. Josh: Rove was never confirmed for a shows for TEN. I think rather than say someone is “stupid” for moving home to begin a family it would be more polite to be less judgmental and focus on the work. It’s not our business to make such anonymous judgments about one’s personal life where it has no correlation to the work. I think we can all do better than this.

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