The Block, 60 Minutes, Formula One draw big audiences.

Ratings: Everyone's a winner as Nine, TEN and Seven find some good news in Sunday ratings.

fia1All three commercial networks have something to crow about from last night’s ratings.

The Block and 60 Minutes were #1 and #2 for Nine.

TEN’s FIA Formula One scored a combined audience of 1.35m across TEN and ONE, it’s best numbers in a long time.

And Seven won the night in network shares.

Seven network share was 33.0% then Nine 31.4%, TEN 16.9%, ABC 14.0% and SBS 4.7%.

My Kitchen Rules did not air in Adelaide due to AFL but still topped Seven’s night at 1.32m. Next were Seven News (1.18m), Sunday Night (1.06m), Downton Abbey (957,000 -also off in Adelaide) and Castle (353,000).

The Block topped the night at 1.57m for Nine followed by 60 Minutes (1.48m), Nine News (1.18m), Fat Tony and Co. (1.12m) and Person of Interest (597,000 / 252,000).

The Australian FIA Formula One scored an impressive (1.35m) across TEN / ONE for the Race, a lift on 2013’s 1.23m. But it had no flow-on effect for the network. Have You Been Paying Attention? which followed plummeted to 276,000 viewers and would probably draw a better audience for the network in a late-night slot. The movie Thor climbed back to 521,000 viewers with The Graham Norton Show at 269,000.

ABC News (941,000) topped ABC1 then Rake (690,000), Richard Hammond Builds a Planet (566,000), Compass (368,000). Waking the Dead is struggling at 9:30 with 211,000.

The Vikings (290,000) was best for SBS ONE then World News Australia (204,000), I Human (163,000) and There’s Something About Patrick (91,000).

Because ONE merged its FIA numbers with TEN, the highest rated show on multichannels was Sesame Street at 257,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 16 March 2014

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  1. I’m just going to apologise about my crazy Sports Tonight idea. Although maybe they would of retained some more viewers if they had a sports show on instead on Sunday after the Formula One. I don’t know though if that would be a good long term idea however. I guess it depends on what viewers they want to attract. If they can attract them.

  2. I guess this year has proven sport can work for TEN in attracting more viewers and they must invest in premium sport. Reality and Drama does not work for them in getting new eyeballs…even though the Drama is quite good.

    I think it proves the dumbest decision (among a few) Mr Murdock made was pulling out or AFL rights in 2011.

    Ten would be in a much better position if they had teamed up with Seven. ….viewers, revenue and share price.

  3. So HYBPA? gets 100k more on 9:30pm Thursday.
    But it would still less than a repeat of SVU.

    And Ten has to spend more money to make another cheap Australian PG show to fill the 6pm Sunday to meet their local content broadcast requirements or lose their licence.

    So why would they do that?

  4. Waking the Dead isn’t struggling, its just filler. The ABC is filling late night lots with free repeats of BBC shows before their deal expires at the end of June.

    Waking The Dead ended three years ago, runs continuously on cable, and these are the 2nd or 3rd showing of these episodes on the ABC in last few years.

    The same goes for Silent Witness repeats that were being shown for the 3rd time in as many years.

    The 3rd or 4th repeats of early New Tricks episodes have been doing well on Tuesday at 8:30pm, beating NCIS at times.

  5. @ oztvheritage, I agree about the TV advertorials on 10 before the F1 race. It was too annoying for me and in the end I gave up and changed the channel until the race started. While I can understand 10 wants to promote itself as much as possible, especially when it rarely has so many watching, it was literally a turn off for me.

  6. Finally ch10 have found something that resonates with viewers. They a great job, the hosts were knowledgeable and treated the audince with some respect. Yeah we all know that they have gotta have ads and promos.
    Advice to ch10…invest some money in your F1 team, both the girls and blokes please and send them to present direct from some of the other venues around the world…

  7. They have been playing Have You Been Paying Attention on 11 and also as a late night version at 10.30 with a longer running time. I think it’s better than most of 10’s shows but not so good I’m going to tune in specifically for it.
    Still it’s an okay show and if they bump it there’s no guarantee that what they replace it with will rate more.

  8. Congrats to 60 Minutes on a very sensitively handled story on the Morcombe tragedy. It was very informative, and it was so nice to see Bruce and especially Denise smiling, and looking stronger than ever,

  9. Yep well done to Ten for their coverage….great to see sport in HD on free to air. Pity it does not happen more often. But those chats (advertorials) about Ten programs got a bit much….but they need as much promotion as possible.

    Surely last night was Paying Attention’s last chance. Which is a real shame cause I enjoy the show. Maybe the format could be incorporated into a 9.30pm evening chat / interview program on a Sunday evening – It probably has to be Sunday due to studio access.

  10. I watched that Sesame Street episode yesterday. The numbers don’t lie it was a cracker.

    On a serious note, congrats to TEN for a great weekend of coverage – Except for the race itself. Far too many ads. Even Host Greg Rust tried to hold one off as the World Champion was looking like he was going to retire from the race but the drama didn’t unfold quickly enough and we went to commercial.

    I understand they have to get their money back from advertisers but the ads could have been short 1 minute bursts scattered throughout the race with large chunks reserved for the safety car.

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