Bumped: The Drum moving to ABC1

2014-04-07_1452ABC News 24’s opinion program The Drum will move to ABC1 next month.

Steve Cannane and Julia Baird will host a panel of journalists, comedians, political and social commentators each week night shifting from 6pm to 5.30pm, in a new 30 minute format. ABC News Early Edition will shift from 5:30 to 5pm on ABC1.

The move will see the The Drum repeated on ABC News 24 at 9.30pm (AEST). It will also have a new set and a fresh look, reflected on its partner ABC website.

Director of ABC Television, Richard Finlayson said “The Drum has proved itself a favourite with audiences for news analysis presented in an entertaining way and I am delighted to be bringing this brilliant program to a broader audience. With Steve and Julia at the helm, two of Australia’s most respected and accomplished journalists, I am confident ABC1 viewers will come to view The Drum as must-watch television.”

Director of ABC News Kate Torney said “Executive Producer Lisa Whitby has built an impressive team and a winning format with The Drum – the program has a strong following and we look forward to expanding the audience through the move to ABC1. This change will also allow ABC News 24 to be even better placed for immediate live coverage of breaking news and events at that time of the day.”

ABC News 24’s early evening news programming will run from 6pm to 8.30pm.

Changes begin from Monday May 5th.


  1. once-upon-a-time

    Most important things first, as there is no need for the ‘Eggheads’ to disappear completely, because the ABC repeat episode at 5.30 am, could simply be still shown in that time slot each day,

    Despite my keen interest in the politics of the day, I simply gave up watching the Drum quite sometime ago.

    I am all for good unbiased political debate and analysis, not the political hacks and has been’s, that seem to appear very quickly after some scandal,government blunder or unpopular voter/taxpayer/citizens responses to obvious flags run up the Mr Abbott and Co., or what they do best is to muddy the waters. and if did want to see the same sad lot, there is always the Bolt report, where their true agenda is solicited,expected and delivered.

  2. Someone else remembers what the spin is trying to hide.

    It was tried before, rated dismally dragging down the ABC’s evening lineup and was bumped back to ABC24. The first attempt was panel based analysis of the news in the style of PBS News Hour or Jennifer Burn’s old late night show. It failed to work because they weren’t able to get the talent it needed for interesting discussion.

    The ABC would likely lose Eggheads, which they get cheaply under the BBC deal which is expiring in a couple of months.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I have never really taken to The Drum…and not a fan of Steve Cannane…but that is just me…nothing to do with the person….
    I do think it is more suited to 30 minutes…not sure about the time though….6PM seems better….although they did try it on ABC 1 before…and it did not last long…why do they think it will now?!?
    And what…more time for constant crosses to pollies on their soapboxes…too many of them now….hardly ‘breaking’ news….

  4. Charlie Miso

    5.30 no good for me, 6pm was perfect. Was also a perfect counterpoint to the commercial news offerings at 6pm.

    Oh well, more eyeballs overall so congrats I guess.

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